Art Site – Dark Arts (Interactive Design)

Another site where I decided to keep things relatively simple. This time it was to match the overall aesthetic of the work I have uploaded before. I will say that unlike my other site, this one is better optimized for different monitor sizes with the text boxes moving with he edge of the screen when you shrink the size of the window. The upper corner is also simplified. I probably should have found a way to have it scroll down with the page but I didn’t because I am not too good with CSS at the moment.

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Lorem Ipsum – Art Site (Interactive Design)

So here’s the first version of the Art Site made in Adobe XD. In tidings with my work presented last week, I gave it a dark backdrop with has scribbling behind it. And the main-page image being a abstract charcoal image I drew last year. In a future version I will probably hand draw the entire background to be similar to the background of the self-portrait in the site. But for now, it stays as a place holder, much like the rest of the text.

(Critique Notes:

Move the navigation buttons to the header

Straighten out the white border boxes)

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Sound vs Silence: Dead Silence – (Production 2)

————Why Silence vs Sound?————

When it comes to just about anything to do with video editing, I make it a point to approach it with either the intent on improving an old formula, or creating my own. With most Silence vs Sound stories choosing to focus on making the tiniest bit of sound the enemy of the story, I thought I could change it up given my history of poor focus. You could say I loosely based the narrative of this production off my own experience. But I wanted to not only deliver the narration, but create a situation where my situation could be understood. And what better way for that than to have the main character directly interject her thoughts to the audience.


Traditionally this trend is done with little audio to show how silence is better. But because I’m going the opposite route, you can see why I went full on commentary.


——————-Shot Details——————-


This shot has the camera placed in multiple locations that show similar events being played out. The reason for this is because I wanted it this way is because I couldn’t get many people to play background during this production so I had to be creative with how I shot it so it would look like there was a lot of people in the room despite there only being five in general. It also helps since some of the objects that the background tossed around aren’t easily identifiable without careful examination.


This other shot later on is an example of deep space. While the picture is focused on the main character of this video, the audience can see that the background appears to have a lot of depth. With the camera following the character as she walks forward, the space gets deeper and we see other people walking from the deep end or towards it.

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My best and where they seem to come from (Interactive Design)


Throughout my time here, I have noticed a common theme with my work. They often tend to be dark in terms of style and sometimes tone. I find these three works to be a perfect representation of that element of my original work. This may be because of the fact that my biggest influence on work is Franz Kafka. He may not be a full on artist but his works, implications, and others physical representations of his work are what influenced my style. In fact for my video art project for Production 1, I chose Kafka’s sandstorm poem as what I create a visual representation for. Unfortunately I cannot compare it to his work because he has not made many well known original pictures so I’ll compare it to my next biggest influence, Tim Burton.

I will fully admit that my execution style is vastly different, but the thematic style is similar. Especially if you look at Burton’s films, the same thematic element is there. Right out the gate, there are the shadows which often give the characters an intimidating presence, Long limbs, and various degrees of line weight and grey. Those are the most noticeable aspects of his art. But they always had a gloomy feel to them. Like Franz Kafka’s work. Like my work.

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Gallery HTML– The Iconic Elements Version 3.2 (Interactive Design)

w/o side-tab

w/o side-tab

Screen Shot 2018-02-06 at 10.16.45 AM

with side-tav (homepage of site) (folder/link hub)

Well, this is one of the reasons why I wanted to keep things simple. To make the payoff here worth it. And besides, I did want to keep things simple since quite a lot of good sites have a simple layout. But then after taking some feedback on the other two, some people thought the side-menu was as good idea but the pictures not being centered was a bad move. So the big difference in this version (besides being coded with HTML) is how the side menu has a toggle and isn’t there by default. I also re-purposed it to be a link guide. So, here’s the next version.

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Script for upcoming production project – Production 2

This gallery contains 2 photos.

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Gallery Prototype 2– The Iconic Elements Version 2.05 (Interactive Design)

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 11.15.24 PM

The process of listening to the feedback of my old version didn’t really give me a whole lot to work with, however I went out of my way to try to tear it apart to try to find other flaws that would harm it in the long run. I also incorporated multiple forms of the color scheme and put on this version and another to a poll between people in my dorm, someone from Grove School of Engineering, and IIT. It ended in 6-3 in favor of the old color scheme as the emblems catch people’s eye. And in the end, isn’t that what you want people to do to make them catch the attention of people of others and make them want to click the link? If I knew I was allowed to, I would add a simple Theme Switch button to appease those who prefer the darker look. But I believe the brighter one should be the standard look. The biggest problem with the old version was that since the monitor used to present it was of poor quality, nobody was able to see the menu button. So I brightened that up and added arrows to appease those who claimed that it is simpler that way. I don’t think that it helps  but let’s see how it goes. And I added a side bar to make it feel a bit more like a popular streaming site we know and love. The real reason why it hasn’t got too many noteworthy problems is because of the fact that it is a simple format. One could argue that it is its true flaw, but it is simple so it can remain effective and easy to navigate.

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Gallery Prototype – The Iconic Elements (Interactive Design)

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 12.56.10 AM.png (Standard View) (Spec View)

With every website, I have notice that some of them tend to be straight forward and simple. As such, I thought the best thing to do would be to keep each of the page links as a simple grid. Following feedback before upload, I kept the color scheme outside of the main images to be at 3 maximum. As well as a different font for the site. One other reason why I chose to keep it simple was because later on, this will be translated into HTML, and I want to be able to code it in a way where I can still maintain my original vision in mind. Plus this was the first time I worked with Adobe XD.


Feedback notes include

Framing or Insetting would help out with the color issues (especially on monitors with computers not so bright)

Brighten the color of the menu button to a lighter grey

Add the grey on the individual pages to the menu hub also.

Find a organization pattern that doesn’t seem so robotic for the image hub


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