Font Analysis (Comic Sans)- Motion Graphics

Throughout this entire project, I have been taking the process pretty slowly for the most part. If only because the time I had to get this project done was mostly interrupted by other things. Despite that, me and my partner managed to pull through and as a result, we were able to get this whole thing done. The I think that its strongest quality is that it was pretty entertaining and was able to get the attention of people who don’t care about the topic. But it’s weakest quality was a quality that I myself need to work on, the last of a direct analysis of the font’s anatomy. I am not the kind of person who can recognize a font just by looking at its unique curvatures. But overall, I think it went well.

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Water Flow – Advanced Animation


For this animation, we were supposed to base our animation off of 3 of 10 pictures we drew in class and have them link together with creative transitions. My 3 were Water Flowing, Water Bending, and Water Waves. Despite my general weakness with hand drawn animation, I have decided to use this format of hand-drawing each individual frame of the animation since one of the goals was to avoid re-using parts of the animation. And what better way to prove that than the old fashioned way. I also took this opportunity to try some camera movements with the hand drawn method to give myself a challenge. And aside from one choppy transition during the 270 degree panning shot, I think it panned out well.

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Font History – Motion Graphics

So far so slow, but that always how things go when we’re just starting.

For this project, we are assigned to give off research on the history and usage of a font with motion graphics being used to convey the message. And with such a selective list, me and my partner decided to go for one that would be simple. Simple not because of it’s design, but rather because this font holds so much history in its name. Mostly for the wrong reasons. We have gone with the much maligned Comic Sans.

The Mood Boards have been designed by both me and my Partner respectively. (With mine being on the left and his on the right)


As for the storyboard, that was made primarily by my partner while I focused on transitions.


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Insects Interactive – Interactive Media

For this project, we were tasked with creating a temporary museum installation for both Rochester Museum and Science Center, and the Girl Scouts in the New York/Pennslyvania area for one of their merit badges. Our game was focused on Dragonflies.

Much like the last major project for this class, the goal was to make a game in a group with tasks set to different members in an attempt to divide and conquer. I was set with two major tasks in the project. The first task to be the guy who puts the game together in Unity using assets supplied by the rest of my team. Much like the last time, although it was easier this time since I didn’t have to code everything from scratch this time.

I was also tasked with putting the control scheme together by getting the parts required to build the controller and make sure the controller works with the game. An easier task since Joystick Mapper made testing controllers easier and Unity’s pre-built key-commands made it only a matter of placing the wires in specific spots. I also painted the joystick blue to match the glowing button I chose for the main action.

===Live Gameplay===



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Product / Advertisement Project – Advanced Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, & Rendering

For my Juice Advertisement, I had run through a plethora of ideas and concepts before settling on trying to give off a warm vibe. My original idea was to do a cool strawberry theme with bifrost effects thrown it to try and test myself. But it ended up testing me in the wrong ways and as a result I settled on switching off that idea entirely. I kept the bottle design and just swapped out the colors for what you see up above. Instead of liquid thrown into the bottle, I threw in peaches. After all, it is supposed to be an 100% natural drink. And in keeping with the warm color scheme of the bottle, I had decided have the background be a warm sunset. It’s a Warm Peach Juice Essentially.




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Dragonfly Game Pre-Production – Interactive Media


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preproduction pdf


For our interactive experience, we will present a dragonfly in its adult stage to fly in multiple direction to look for or avoid other bugs. By using a joystick and an action button to avoid predators or catch prey directly with facts put in as rewards for winning.

I myself will be working in the control design department where I am to take control and make up the cabinet used to control the characters and get all the circuits together.

One fascinating thing about dragonflies is how they snatch their flying prey mid air almost in a frenzy, We seek to implement that fact and make it the basis of our game. But the hunter is also the hunted and while the dragonfly is looking to catch prey, it must also evade the predators. In our current stage of planning, we only have large birds in mind but we seek to expand that later on.


What we need to work on next is coming up with a screen mock up so we’ll know how everything works.

Background Design – Jillian Gregory (

Character Design – Rohan Thomas(


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Visual Performance – Interactive Media


This is a visual tool that I had made possible by using the Max8 visual engine that is plugged into Ableton Live 10. I used the Max 8 portion of it to create the 3D objects as well as have the shape project a video that I edited together featuring the song I had chosen, As well as having it set so that whenever Ableton 10 receives an input from either a midi sound clip, or any input from a midi keyboard, it would manipulate the 3D shape depending on the strength of the input.

For this example, I had chosen to play my video of Space Marines to the tune of Sparta by Sabaton from their Last Stand album while inputting the intense beats to the best of my ability using my keyboard to give the feeling that the song manipulates the pattern.

I could even play an original song with Ableton and that would be projected visual with the shape. But this is the final result.


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Game Feel Design Studio – Interactive Media

Download the Game Here (

Game Demo Video

What four people can do when pressed for time.


We all had our own set of goals and tasks for this assignment. For me, I was tasked with putting everything together. I collected the assets and sprites made by my other teammates and put them together in the format that you can see in the video. Technically that would make me the person in charge of building the game but I didn’t make the assets and I only made one of the animations. I just put it together.

The one animation I did make was the breakable surface breaking apart which wasn’t really much.

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And I was also set with the task of altering the pre-built codes and making new ones so that everything would flow like it was supposed to which was the toughest part of this whole job for me. Especially since the pre-built codes were built with a few problems and I had to correct as many as I could.


During Pre-Production, I was set to work on level design.

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