Gallery Write Up for Interactive Design 1: Annette Heully

Independent artist Annette Heully hosted an art talk in the SET building of the Alfred State Campus on April 7th. Complete with a temporary art exhibit which had opened up


What she had presented during that time was work that mostly consisted of everyday materials pieced together in unique ways. Including one piece that she had put together specifically for the show made out of paper towels. I believe the proper term for the works she does is “weaving and textiles” which has a meaning behind. Like how she made a piece out yarn represents the sundowner wildfires around her house. I have even gone to a couple of her workshops after the show to see if there was more, and there were a few things that had come out of that.


She had expressed her belief that as an artist it is her job to respond to hard topics that many would not think to even approach. But you also need to understand what it is that you actually want to make before starting out on it. As a DMA student, I believe that it is a lesson that should be applied to all works. Both for class projects and for self-indulgence. There were a few personal projects of mine that I never finished because I didn’t have a clear vision on how the finished model would look like.

Also sometimes, mistakes can help shape a project more than something intentional. The idea of the spy from Team Fortress is an example of this. The lesson from that is to not immediately erase all mistakes since some of them can help out.


Applying both those lessons to both my work in DMA and to my personal endeavors would both see that I finish most of them, and make them as best as I can.


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PSA (Necrontryr Watch Ad) – Production 2

For this, I thought the best thing to do would be to advertise something that I have created and wouldn’t mind if more people would join if they really wanted. My discord server Necrontyr Watch. I also went with this approach because I figured most people would go for a more depressing PSA rather than a more lighthearted one.



I’ve decided to go with the warm lighting here in this scene to give the impression that it is night time and that the person walking down is tired from his long day. Makes sense when trying to make the point that he wants to relax. Unfortunately because he has his plans canceled, there is nothing for him to do. So he plays games later.


This camera panning shows that there’s no one in the room. But he’s still able to chat with people and play a game of Overwatch with them despite the fact that he is in an empty room. Despite the isolation and desolation, he is able to feel like there is people around him.

Master Shot:

And lastly, the master shot where I show off the “free shirt” you would get for joining. I chose this so it would be pretty obvious that the shirt is the draw in on this shirt. You can see it in all it’s detail and the logo. There’s nothing much to say except it draws attention to the shirt and every single one of it’s details.

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Four Light Test – Production 2

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Net Art (In the Darkness, There is Only Ambition) – Interactive Design Final

“In the darkness, there is only ambition.”


Many say that art is an interpretation. Art has also often been described as an organization of color to spread a meaning or story. And in a minimalistic work, color is all that can set it apart. And with art, only the ambition of the artist can allow their work to shine through in the bleakest of moments. But one must actively seize it, even in the darkness. That is the thinking process that has led to me putting everything in this work together in this specific way.


The simple phrase to describe it would be “In the darkness, there is only ambition.”

Why that line is because when I had to come up with an idea for a net art project, I had that on my mind. So I decided to create a visual representation of that line. With a hand reaching out to grab ambition in the darkness.


Why I have chosen to incorporate that idea this way is because while I could have just settled with an animated gif, it would have taken away from the idea of having to take control of your work. The best way to do that would be to have the image animate when the visitor of the webpage would want to. So the audience has input on what would be an appropriate speed. The reason that I decide to go for a hand as the focus of this is because the idea of a hand grasping something important as a gesture is one that I always enjoy seeing in action. I have chosen the color purple to represent ambition because many associate purple as the color of ambition.


But why use the mouse wheel as a primary function? Because by default, the first action someone would take when visiting a page that appears to be empty is to scroll down to see if there is more. And with that action of trying to see more, it would become apparent that you can essentially create the flow of the animation yourself by scrolling however you like. Either just have the hand play with the physical manifestation of ambition, or have him grasp it tightly, it is up to the user. The user is free to have the hand grasp it in any way the user feels is desired. And that is one thing that sets art apart from most things in the world. The freedom to approach a situation or idea in any way the person wants to.


Yes, it is minimalistic, but a simple message should be fine with a simple image or animation to go with it. The idea is simply to take advantage of ambition, there’s no need to have it be overly convoluted for the sake of being unique. And with the three contrasting colors of the image being enough to catch someone’s attention. I believe that with all that said and done, it should suffice. It is simple, but it’s effective.

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Production 2: News from the Past

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Site Revision- (Interactive Design) – UPDATE (4/26/18)

(HTML Continuation)

(HTML Draft)

(Need to include: Need to have text over the header image and implement the scroll feature)

(Need to fix: Fix the icons clumping up with the search bar, icon problems in general)

(Draft 2)

First thing is that the place holder images have been replaced with actual images. The images on the quick links and “stay up to date” page have been replaced with rounded images. The text font for each individual quick link has been increased in size to make them easier to notice. The light blue has been removed in favor of simplifying the colors, also eliminating the need to change the font color to something lighter above the footer. The social media links have been moved from the top-left on the header to the bottom-left on the footer. And the search bar has been moved from the top-middle to the top-left like most sites are.


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Web Re-design Project (Interactive Design)

The web-site that I am re-designing was for Kendal Central School. An official webpage for the titular school spreading awareness to both the establishment and what goes on to both parents and potential students. Looking at the site also give the impression that the type of school is a run of the mill public school that also aims to be one of the better schools in it’s represented district. Much like how Frank McCourt and Bard are considered the better high-schools in Manhattan.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

The navigation bar is functioning okay and not too bad looking, although text consistency when the menu is dropped down could be improved as the text in the drop-down is both Bold and smaller than the font of the other. The color doesn’t flow too well because there are some pages where it looks like a jpeg of a word document on top of the screen and it looks out of place, the better solution to that would be to either tone down the dark blue so that when another color pops up, it won’t be an eyesore. Or to just make the pages that are white dominated share the same color as the primary color or the darker blue you see below the homepage. A minor complaint is the schedule on the right side of the home page, it looks like you could click on the calendar dates. I could either make them clickable or just remove them.

One site that has a similar website, similar target audience, and type of establishment is Computer school. But because the primary color is used sparingly, it doesn’t come off as an eyesore once the white shows.

Next one is for a summer camp group that prides itself on attracting parents of kids in the age group between 6-17. While the color saturation is honestly not too good to look at, the structure of the site is pretty solid. It has information on the top in a condensed way, but it also has it in a abundance in a way where it does not block the screen.

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For the last one, there is one site that does the format of these sites but better. It is AT&T, if mostly because it doesn’t clutter the top of the screen with a lot of information that can be irritating to navigate as it covers the screen sometimes. Instead AT&T opts to keep the top part of the screen simple and draw in the attention of potential customers and saves the details for the bottom of the page. In fact, using this exact same formatting of the site for the school site could work wonders, especially since the AT&T brand has the same primary colors as Kendall Central School,

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The last example is the

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Java Site (Sockland Adventure Prelude) – Interactive Design

I had gone through a number of different ideas and iterations before settling on the idea of telling a scrolling comic story. It’s simplistic, and that is because I am not very good with Parallax at the moment. So the idea is a sock crawls out of a drawer and decided to check a mysterious hole in the wall that would lead it into an adventure. I do plan on making a simple platformer to coincide with this in the near future though.

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