My Abstraction Concept (Code-named: ‘The Blurring Poppa.’)

My concept on my abstraction project is as follows. What I plan on doing is I plan on putting in a Blob. More specifically, an irregular blob that changes form constantly from one irregular shape to another. Maybe I’ll start it off by zooming out or by zooming in. It could be in sync to the sound in the background. Or it could just move on it’s own. Maybe it does not even have to be a blob, but for the sake of testing this out, I’ll stick to using a blob that makes irregular movements. If this type of thing doesn’t have a name yet, I’m going to call it ‘The Blurring Poppa.’ (Name subject to change)
The materials I’ll be using is much of the same as last time I did a flip book, tons of Note cards, Pencil, Triangular Rulers, maybe a compass for perfectly round areas, and a light table.

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