Frozen Dejection

frozen-hellish-dejectionContinuing my trend of landscapes, we have a personification of Dejection. This whole idea has gone trough a lot of different iterations before settling on how it is, some became works of their own, others were just distractions. I at first went with an igloo background combined with an icy floor with blank people walking alongside a regular person. But it didn’t go quite so well. I decided to put some shadows in, a crouching boy, and a blue sun for good measure. Even decided to make it more bluer using a blue dissolving fore-drop . But upon look for the right color, I came across this color and I asked some people whether this was better or the original version. Despite the fact that everyone told me the blue version was better, I had gone with this version because it looks hellish, isolated, and cold. And using my past experience of feeling dejected, I felt the cold hellish loneliness embodies the word more.

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