Response to Objectified

When I was re-watching this film, I noticed a few things that escaped my notice the first time I saw this film. Some things I noticed made the experience better, others not so much. One thing I really liked this time around was the analysis they give behind the pieces of a Mac laptop. I’ve always liked looking at whats inside electronics but I mostly refuse to do so myself because plenty of products are rendered useless as soon as you open them up. I also enjoyed the tour of how they reuse unnecessary parts of an iMac’s monitor as well. Because it both backs up the point of the documentary, as well as fulfilling the same reasons I liked the tour of the Mac laptop. For those similar reasons, I also enjoyed the showcase of Bill Moggridge’s laptop, it also helped when he gave off his experiences designing the product.

However, there is one glaring problem I have with the film, it’s more of a ‘me’ problem but still a problem nevertheless. That was the fact that I found most of the things past the 20 minute mark and before the 47 mark boring and not really memorable. I don’t know why, I just found those things boring to the point where I literally fell asleep watching it. Not to mention the outfit choice of Karim Rashid, this segment wasn’t too interesting to see because I was distracted by his outfit choice. Despite my problems, I’d say the documentary as a whole is worth a watch if you find design interesting. But if you are like me, be prepared for the middle parts.

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