Response to a documentary on Helvetica

They make documentaries on everything nowadays, even an 80 minute one on a word font. Novelty aside, it is quite an interesting movie with interesting facts as well as some boring experiences. Right out the gate, the opening just drags on for a bit without anything interesting to me going on. Many other sections throughout the entire film drag out too, to the point where they could test the patience of the viewer and make them want to watch something in the recommended videos section instead. I know I wanted to when I reached the 40 minute mark after listening to the same tune five times in a row. And that’s not even mentioning the moments when the people in the video get too much into the font.

Though the 12 minute mark is when things get interesting and worth my attention for more than the last 12 minutes. I had no idea that the Helvetica font was an iteration of a 19th century font created as a neutral font, I like learning new things like that. I also liked how through out the film, they show off names of companies using the font showing its use. And at the same time, showing off other fonts with different brands while explaining what the font speaks out. The last thing I like to point out were the bashes on typography while showing off messy examples to prove their point. I kinda like it when documentaries do it in general since it shows they know what they are talking about to me.

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