Illustrated Journal-Lost in the City

Lost in the City

Lost in the City

There are some pictures that people like for no apparent reason other than, “it’s good.” And there are some pictures that really click with you for no reason. You’d want to hang it up in your room, display it on your monitor, or even write about your feelings for it. Despite the fact that it clicks with me for those reasons, I also feel like this picture speaks to me on a personal level. My guess that it is the empowerment pose the person has when he is high on the clouds could be it.

Texture: The texture for the picture as a whole is foggy. There’s the texture of the clouds as well as the backdrop which details a forest but hard to see because of the fog. The the texture for the person is  just plain black without any extra effects.

Pattern: I’ve noticed a wavy pattern starting at the edge of the clouds throughout the rest of the picture. The pattern for the most part shows consistency and gives off the foggy texture I talked about earlier.

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