Illustrated Journal-.Doodles..

.doodles... by liqoricelace

.Doodles.. by LiquriceLace(DeviantArt)

I’ve always been interested in images that some find unsettling, but I do not. It’s because of the same reason why I enjoy listening to soundtracks that others are find disturbing or terrifying. Because I like how they trigger an unpleasant emotion usually caused by the belief that there may be a preset threat. I just stare at the image and think about how it causes such emotions. It does have the hallmarks of images that can case it, Distorted body, falsified expression of joy, blank eyes, and some form of liquid coming out of it.

Value: There is a figure wearing a black hoodie with a pentagram on the sleeve, The figure is also surrounded by a hue of blue, and a hue of magenta. Her head looks turned at a 180° angle, possibly implying her neck is twisted or that perhaps she is being possessed. Her eyes are completely blank an emotionless, something that many viewers find disturbing in a design. The figure has a purple and white liquid substance leaking from its eyes and from a certain point of view, it could disgust the viewer

Pattern: The picture as a whole can be considered glossy because of the shine that every little detail of this picture has. Even the little amount of liquid seeping from the eyes of the figure has a shine to it.

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