The Bluring Poppa (Abstract Animation Project)

Syncsketch link: (

NOTE: for best quality, use the vimeo verson since the audio-video sync is a bit off in Syncsketch.


My concept on my abstraction project is as follows. What I plan on doing is I planned on putting in a Blob. More specifically, an irregular blob that could constantly from one form to another. I thought Maybe I’ll start it off by zooming out or by zooming in, It could be in sync to the sound in the background.

But with all that out of the way, did I succeed in my goals for this project? It features a blob moving irregularly in sync to the background noise and in a way where it doesn’t look like it skipped a few frames. It changed forms constantly and it has both grown and shrunk during the duration of the film. So I would say I accomplished my goal in making this project a replication of my vision.

But upon watching the final draft of my film, I have noticed a few similarities in the style of the animation to some other works I watched before. Primarily in Walter Ruttman’s ‘Lichtspiel: Opus’ films, and on Oskar Fischinger’s ‘An Optical Poem.’ These films could be considered to have been the biggest influences on me for how I did the film. Because Fischinger’s work features an ellipse zooming in and out in tune with music, while Ruttman’s film features morphing objects also in tune with background music. To list out specific moments, the 1:31-1:37 mark on ‘An Optical Poem’ is similar to the 0:03-0:07 mark on my film.  As for Ruttman’s work, I find the entirety of ‘Lichtspiel: Opus I’ similar to my film with the main difference being the irregular patterns and the type of background noise.

I feel that the best motions in my project came in from the 0:03-0:07 mark because I found them to be the most smoothest parts as well as how it played with the tune. With the object getting smaller when the noise was fading out slowly only for it to grow again once the audio spiked out of nowhere. I feel the animation as a whole was well timed with the noise but I just like this part in particular because I went through some extra lengths here, and it’s nice to see it work as intended.

Overall, this animation turned out better than I hoped it would with my timing for the audio being near perfect, and my transitioning being much better than before. And I didn’t even need to edit the film to make the audio in perfect sync outside of putting the audio in.

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