Illuminated Initials – Kellinachi

First Draft of Final Concept, Hand-drawn version


First Version of Digital Version


Seccond Version of Digital Version


Third Version of Digital Version




“With every failure, the eventual victory gets sweeter and sweeter”-Will Allen.

This is a project that has had many iterations done before, most of which didn’t even make it past the rough sketch phase. Eventually it was settled on making a combination with the Fibonacci sequence, and some Celtic styles. But that had issues of it’s own that needed looking at. Having had people look at it showed where the original version of this idea went wrong.

Problems were found through feedback and it seemed there would be nothing but problems with this work. Until an eventual solution was thought up during the feedback stage of this design. The solution was to expand some of the figures and add more into the background of this picture, in both digital and physical format. Eventually it was formed into the piece seen at the top of this blog post. Then it was shown to people around at the time to see whether is decent or not, and people seemed to think it was good.

First there were numerous ideas brainstormed until one stood out from the others. Then information on the said idea was researched in order to create a product which combines all the needed works. Then found some issues with the piece during the early drafting process. After some useful feedback was given, it would be improved to add more than just it’s bare bones. Eventually it was put in front of an audience for more feedback before it was finished. The results showed that this was improved from it’s earlier forms, the design process for the Kellinachi was a long road.

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