Illustrated Journal-CC the cat::dark side

CC the cat::dark side by CCthecat (Deviantart).
While I was searching for something to discuss, I came across this piece. I am already a fan of art that some would consider disturbing or unsettling and this one is no exception to that. I like how it looks like a furry character is bleeding from the eyes and mouth while giving off a bloody smile. Looks like something out of a creepy-pasta to say the least.

Unity: The various pieces of what appears to be a head is stylized in a way where it looks like a close up of a cartoon animals head as shown trough the black background, white circle in the center, and pale skin tone color under the eye. Despite the blurry conditions of the figure, it still gives the vibes of  various While the sizes of the heads vary, they are still recognizable. The ellipse figures are aligned in a way that shows how if these two shapes were separated, it would be a different product in terms of appearance, it shows unity.

Contrast: There is an interesting sense of contrast in this picture, going back to what was said about the differing colors and how it defines this picture. The each color used (except gray) are strikingly different from each other.

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