Illustrated Journal-Mango


Mango by Aghhturtles (DeviantArt)

Because I have always wanted to design characters and bring them into a version where everyone can see it. When I think of ways I could put my characters on an individual page, this is how I see it in my mind. Even in the picture’s description, you can see a full list on personality traits and so on so forth. In the same tone how I wrote my characters on a page similar to this. I like this because it reminds me of my dream for the future.

Texture: The design for this character is bright. As in everything is a bright color, but it works seeing as how it is essential a character for a franchise filled with animistic humanoids. The backstory behind this project may have a few dark elements in it, but it makes the lighter designs give it more of an identity.

Pattern: I see a small striped pattern all over each layer of the character, it is hard to notice but it is there.

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