Storyboard and Essay for Stop-Motion animation

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Stop motion animation is a very unique way of making a film. You can make projects that could be accomplished with real actors or traditional animation. But it comes with its own charm and style that has yet to be replicated by other forms of animations as well as live action. The style may be long, tedious, and quite a nightmare to deal with, but the charm makes it worth it. That is the case with Lotte Reiniger, and her projects for film.


Lotte Reiniger’s style is truly an abnormal style of animation, even in a genre as distinctive as the stop motion genre. She creates each 2D figure with multiple limbs separated at first from their body using a drawing as a resource. Then attaches them in a way where it would function like a 2D action figure. Then slowly makes it gesture and move, frame by frame. And that’s just summarizing the whole process up quickly to make it seem more exciting.


The real joy from her work is the finished project, look closely at how the figures move in ‘The Adventures of Prince Achmed.’ The way that each character moves, no matter how small the movement is, has so much punch to them. When the wizard twiddles his fingers, it looks fantastic because both the effort into the movement, and the charm mentioned earlier. A similar feeling, though not as much, comes from the crying scene from her take on Cinderella in the film of the same name. And lest we forget, the dancing flower scene from ‘Däumelinchen,’ just absolutely breathtaking. But for something more out there, her action scenes pack the same charm, particularly the snake scene from ‘Papageno.’


Sure some of the scenes can looks stilted at times, like the opening to ‘Cinderella,’ and the fish scene from ‘Däumelinchen.’ But even in those scenes, it still is fun to watch because of the animation style.


To quickly summarize her style, Her animations using a 2D plane have a charm that has yet to be replicated. All while telling a coherent story, giving off thrilling action sequences, and providing unique visual effects yet to be replicated by computers.


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