Mario Prisco Art Gallery Essay

A lot can go through one’s head when said person visits the local art gallery. That person can see things never seen before, find inspiration for a project even. Think about the possibilities that the surrounding displays could give off. The thoughts of how these same works can inspire people with similar or different tastes in art. And contemplation on what was just seen at the local art gallery.


In this case, it is Mario Prisco’s art gallery in Alfred, New York which showcases a collection of his works from 1947 to 2015. Mario Prisco was formerly a Dean from Alfred University and is more known for how he approaches art. “I don’t define art. I just do it . . . You know when you see it, and you have an experience to know it,” he says.  His style has definitely evolved over the years from his figure drawings to his imaginary landscapes. But among those works, the ones that stand out are his imaginary landscapes.


First on on the block is Imaginary Landscape 6, colored with watercolors, stylized with asymmetrical balance, and submitted to the gallery in 2015. From one view, it looks like a bunch of squares of varying colors with often two colors each. But look for a prolonged amount of time and it looks like a pair of rooms upon different landscapes. Then look at the frames that don’t look like rooms, they resemble the exterior of each room. So this whole picture could be considered an imaginary building drawing rather than landscape, but that’s just a theory.


Now to look again, but this time; on a different picture in the imaginary landscape line. Imaginary Landscape 9, done in the same year with the same materials of Imaginary Landscape 6. Though the pattern this time is different, instead of a set of rooms; it looks more like a imaginary carnival. The texture of what appears to be the ground makes it look like this carnival is taking place on a beach. The Lighthouse in the background supports the emphasis of what the area is. Not as abstract as the other picture but the picture still makes the viewer think all the same.


As stated before, many things can go through a person’s head when visiting the local art gallery. Regardless of whether it is a big fancy gallery, or a small gallery dedicated to only one artist. Take for example Mario Prisco’s gallery, despite being full of only his work, it still makes the visitor think. Even if the styles are the same an inspire similar thoughts, it takes a small change to lead one to a whole other direction. No matter where you are, how you view art, or even how your skills are, looking at these works can inspire. Even if most of them look the same.

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