Political Poster – Photo-montage Haneef


It goes without saying that I find it funny how when it comes to immigration test, people who want to migrant to a country (Australia in this case), they are tested on core values of that country. And we set the bar pretty high in a sense. But too high since it has been proven time and time again that even the people who were born in the country can’t answer most of the questions on citizenship test. So essentially we’ll deport a qualified doctor like that guy in the picture. But the guy who wrote the sign on the top-right corner, well he gets to stay.


Originally this was done in a different style with a different viewpoint, but after looking at this and what I did before, I am happy I changed the format of the picture. The one thing that I was suggested to change was the meaning and I didn’t change it. Because I am sick of seeing the same three common themes being constantly shown when we turn in these art assignments. Even though Black Rights, Whaling, and Pit-Bull rights are serious issues right now, it gets tiring to hear the exact same points and exact same political views shown frequently. I’ll stay it safe with the style, but I refuse to focus the meaning on something done to death. I’m probably shooting myself in the foot for doing since it isn’t as much as an “out there” issue like the three mentioned, I’ll take that chance. I want to create a unique standpoint, not beat the exact same horses to death.

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