Illustrated Journal: Mass Effect-Illusive Man

mass_effect-illusive_man_by_artpollyMass Effect-Illusive Man by artpolly(Deviantart)

I don’t care much for the Mass Effect games, it isn’t to say the games are bad or I don’t like them. I just don’t care because I don’t play them enough to warrant myself going crazy of fan art or get annoyed at it. But I’ll give credit where it’s due and say this picture is just incredible. I love the darker colors mixed with a figure and the red sun. And the fact that it has this color tone and isn’t representing evil or horror is refreshing.


Color – The color here helps capture the viewers attention. There aren’t that many different colors but the red of the red sun, and the shadows of the figure… Just absolutely eye catching.

Atmosphere – The way this is organized shows a bit of isolation in the figure’s psyche. His face shows he’s seen it all, the fact he looks away from a red sun shows it. And his straight posture shows he is confident in himself despite being isolated. An isolated atmosphere, Ironic since in the game it represents the player is never alone.

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