Illustrated Journal-Paint Eruption


Paint Eruption by RHADS (deviantart)

Generally I do not like Abstract pictures, especially not the bright ones that tend to catch your eye with color. Yet at the exact same time, I find that myself at awe when I see this one. Why I don’t like Bright Abstract pictures is because they tend to be over simplistic, lack substance other than color, and just steal your attention because of its color. Yet here, it deserves the chance to steal the attention of the viewers is because it is good and has a surprising amount of detail for an abstract picture.

Color – As stated before, the color here immediately grabs the viewer’s attention but each color has a fade effect throughout the ends of each line. It is absolutely stunning to see how a simple turquoise water stream can look so good.

Atmosphere – It gives off a feeling of anticipation, we have a volcano going off in the background with lava that later splits into a different color and then shifts again. When someone sees an effect like this, it’s easy to predict what will happen. Yet anticipate and wait for the outcome.

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