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Phenakistoscope- Cause of Endangerment.

This is a phenakistoscope of what many believe is the leading cause of the endangerment of the Tasmanian Devil. A special tumor that effects only them. You can see the tumor slowly grown and get more swollen along the middle … Continue reading

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Essay on the Final Animation Project of the First Semester.

Animation is a form of visual entertainment that has taken so many different forms and names ever since it became well known to the public. You only have to look at the likes of hand drawn animation, cel animation, all … Continue reading

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Illustrated Journal – Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace theatrical poster (1999).

With all the star wars posters being praised ad being done very well, the first poster that I always remembered is the one for the controversial Phantom Menace. I always liked this poster because of how it places the characters. … Continue reading

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5-7-5 Oil Milking

Given my previous track record with political related projects, I decided to focus on a more environmental issue. And I also went with a 5 second, 7 second, and 5 second order of gifs with each styled in pace with … Continue reading

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Storyboard for Final Stop Motion Project

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A Bunch of Glitch Art,

      All this stuff here is essentially a bunch of glitched gifs made for the sole purpose of trying to see if I can do this. Lets go over each in order   Self explanatory, its a bomb … Continue reading

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Attempt at a Three-Dimensional Chair with a striped rag on it.

  The first (non-animation) project I have done this year that I can stand to look at for more than five minutes after finishing. I have gone trough a lot to get it how it is now. Especially since halfway … Continue reading

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Illustrated Journal – Ostrogoth The First Immortal

Ostrogoth The First Immortal-Stephen Oakley(Deviantart) On the surface, this is a really cool picture/gif. Shows off an original design with wind effects and has its own backstory. But that is not the real reason why I really wanted to put … Continue reading

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