Attempt at a Three-Dimensional Chair with a striped rag on it.



The first (non-animation) project I have done this year that I can stand to look at for more than five minutes after finishing. I have gone trough a lot to get it how it is now. Especially since halfway through starting off the basic shapes, someone moved the chair around and I had to improvise the rest since I had done a lot already and didn’t want to start from the very beginning.

But that out of the way, I intended of giving it a three-dimensional feel using some greyer shading as shadows, as well as having the lines get darker as it appears closer to the viewer. Proportion is decent though difficult to get together because of reasons stated above. And the outline can be considered helpful from one perspective, but distracting on all others. As with anything, this could be improved.

But at its current state, I like it and I feel like I did a decent job.

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