Illustrated Journal – Ostrogoth The First Immortal

Ostrogoth The First Immortal by Stephen-0akley

Ostrogoth The First Immortal-Stephen Oakley(Deviantart)

On the surface, this is a really cool picture/gif. Shows off an original design with wind effects and has its own backstory. But that is not the real reason why I really wanted to put this image on my Illustrated journal. It is because I feel a personal connection with the story behind the artist’s conception.

He had this idea for a character while he was growing up and when he had the skill, he created this and more. I have ideas in my head, as well a a basic story formula to make them all one universe. Unfortunately I never have the drive nor the skills to force the concept art out of my head and onto paper. This is essentially a showcase of what I hope to accomplish someday.

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