5-7-5 Oil Milking

Given my previous track record with political related projects, I decided to focus on a more environmental issue. And I also went with a 5 second, 7 second, and 5 second order of gifs with each styled in pace with a specific piece of music.

“Of your Eye, The Rotten Core Inside”


This one showcases how Oil drilling is self-destructive at its core. Both in terms of physical damage, hence the explosion that possibly took lives. And the glitch at the bottom showing off the oil spilling into the water causing environmental harm.


“Milk it For All it’s Worth, Make Sure You Get There First”


This next one (my least favorite of the three) shows that the oil companies generally milk this whole craze for all its worth in spite of the errors surround the very practice of Oil Drilling.


“Have You Had Enough? You Greedy Little Bastard.”


And Finally, we have the question. “Have these greedy companies had enough?” No they haven’t. Despite the obvious fact that this is an unstable form of money making and, as shown earlier, a self-destructive form too. And yet it still goes on because potential money.


All together in video format with audio.

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