A Bunch of Glitch Art,

1xplosion city-of-glitch-fastergiygasglitchedgif  highein



All this stuff here is essentially a bunch of glitched gifs made for the sole purpose of trying to see if I can do this. Lets go over each in order


  1. Self explanatory, its a bomb going off.
  2. I decided to take a picture I made earlier this year (and one I already am not a fan of) and just screw around with it from a bottom to up style. This looks better than the original picture in my opinion.
  3. This was the first one I did and it didn’t go how I intended it to go, but that’s the point of Glitch art from what I can tell from other people’s work.
  4. I decided to glitch up parts of a pre-made gif and see what happens. Hilariously, it makes the high dog look even more high


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