Phenakistoscope- Cause of Endangerment.


This is a phenakistoscope of what many believe is the leading cause of the endangerment of the Tasmanian Devil. A special tumor that effects only them. You can see the tumor slowly grown and get more swollen along the middle lines of the animation. The next part is the devil himself, he doesn’t even have to do anything to get it, except be there and slowly die. It is essentially a spiral of death, of blood, like the one you see in the center. It also works as where the blood from the devil itself leaks too.


Getting this thing together was one headache after another. First I had three printing errors with the laser cutter. First one didn’t get the picture out at all. Second one made it too small, and barley cut through, and the third one made it too big. I went with this one because it too long and I didn’t really have time to perfect it, the aesthetic cock ups I could fix with color. And importing it was a pain since it didn’t fit in the scanner. I was happy to get it done and my only with is if it would be decent.


(Isolated Variant)


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