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Final Visual Communications Project.

There have been many iterations of many known devices around the world, the apple iPod has had numerous changes, swords also have had many forms and designs. But no matter the form, the function is still the exact same. The … Continue reading

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Final Animation Project – Reflecting Woods

(SyncSketch: The story is about a boy named Glayrince who wonders away from an explosion that he inadvertently caused. It begins with Glayrince wondering into a forest not far from the blast radius, but his Regret stalks him. He tries … Continue reading

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Brian Murphy’s exhibit Workshop Essay

It is a new world out there, modern art has taken various new forms as well as multiple faces. It has even gotten to a point where things someone would never expect to be considered art, is now considered art. … Continue reading

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Link to a Collection of Nearly all of my “Intro to visual comunication” Projects


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Endangered Animal Project Attempt

Initially, I chose to do the endangered animal as My Project because I noticed many being people doing the mask project and I wanted to try to be more original. Bad motivation aside, I started with carving out the full … Continue reading

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Photo Montage for Digital Foundations – The Creative Process

With nearly everything out of the way this semester, there’s always something different than the usual stuff to end it off for a subject. For this project I wanted to focus on a more mundane aspect of life, while others … Continue reading

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Raw footage of Final Project- Codename: Woods

  This is my Raw footage of how my video is supposed to begin, I ran into a few snags along the way but I worked around them and soon, the whole thing will be done.   STUFF USED

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