Photo Montage for Digital Foundations – The Creative Process

With nearly everything out of the way this semester, there’s always something different than the usual stuff to end it off for a subject. For this project I wanted to focus on a more mundane aspect of life, while others might tend to go for something ridiculous. Initially I was going to do a daily routine type thing, but that didn’t go quite so well. So I pretty much burned it down and went with the creative process of someone trying to get an idea. Getting the shots for this was a bit of a pain too, With the exception of the desk views, I had to rely on others to get the shots for me. and quite a lot of people were busy with their own projects. The most annoying thing was I had to keep the clothes I wore when I stared in a place where I wouldn’t assume it was dirty laundry so that I could maintain continuity with the montage. I also have it so the BGM fits what is happening on screen, as well as the overall mood. And the posture between some of the rubbish shots changing drastically show the passing of time, also showing the fatigue of the creator.

The story begins with the creator trying to create an idea, but has little luck getting any that he actually likes. Going trough page after page of wasted paper from an occasional upward angle showcasing his inability to come up with something good. Towards the end, it has a sequence showing what is going on through the creator’s mind as well as what he is writing down in his idea book, and getting up tall showing his accomplishment. Done in a Metric and Rhythmic style of montage.


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