Final Animation Project – Reflecting Woods


The story is about a boy named Glayrince who wonders away from an explosion that he inadvertently caused.

It begins with Glayrince wondering into a forest not far from the blast radius, but his Regret stalks him. He tries to flee from it with no avail. After a few moments of reflection, he accepts what he has done, and looks ahead. But then he is greeted by another boy. One who could provide the comfort he needs. But his regret resurfaces pushing Glayrince to his limits, and his emotion completely destroys him, and everything around him. With the forest destroyed and the only possible friend he could make dead, he collapses on the ground, accepting the fact that in order to keep this from happening, he must be fore ever alone.

The adaptation did differ from the original concept in two ways. The first one was that his regret was given a physical manifestation. The other one was that he turns into a fire creature whose mere presence causes the destruction rather than just simply exploding.

One noticeable detail is that most frames have a blue backdrop, and there is a reason for that. Initially I intended to place live footage of the environments in question in the background such as the forest and a small fire. But I didn’t take the pictures because of the weather conditions here made it difficult to get pictures and film that would have the display I was looking for. And even if so, I probably would have stuck with this version anyway because I made the mistake of giving the main character blue pants. And I figured if I test the blue screen out, I can see if it would be worth waiting for the snow to blow other before submitting this video. The results are as follows

Some shots looked good but the poor blue backdrop I had, and the character’s pants being blue, made most of the shots very poorly rendered. Which was a shame because I wanted to mix live action and stop motion together just like how Ray Harryhausen did most of his work.

Overall I think this was my best animation thus far. Against my peers suggestions, I went for this type of stop motion because it is what I always wanted to do. My favorite motion was the scene at 00:29 because Its the scene I had the most fun doing, tearing off pieces of his clay and replacing it with neon to give the motion of it being burned up. It was also the scene that caught the attention of those I showed this animation to before posting it.

Overall, I consider this my favorite project this semester, Because I focused on completing my story rather than meeting the time quota.

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