Illustrated Journal – Frank Miller’s The Dark Knight Returns covers (Art by Frank Miller and Klaus Janson)

Time Flies don’t it?Image result for the dark knight returns covers

Upon being reminded of Frank Miller’s work as a cartoonist one day in class, my old fascination with his gritty stories reemerged out of nowhere, much like the main character in this story.

The art here from the get go is not balanced, which is an interesting style for the front cover of these respective issues since it shows how nearly everything in this story shares the same trait, both in terms of story and art direction. This being a good thing or not is entirely up to the person looking at these photos. The first one shows off batman jumping off a roof about to fire his grappling hook, but the cape flows in an unnatural way across an encountered Lightening bolt. The second shows batman bloodied, beaten, and struggling to stand up. The third has more of an asymmetrical balance style since we have the bat signal in the center with Carrie Kelly avoiding it in a more controlled posture. With the fourth opting for showing off a glimpse of the story’s climax.


I like the First and Fourth covers very much as drawings, One form illustration I always liked in stills is Contrast where the environment is given a shine while the characters are darkened up. It gives off a sense of interest since some readers would by nature seek out the design of the character in this iteration of these well known characters. Something that unfortunately is countered by the Second and Third covers giving the exact opposite contrast focusing on characters rather than environments.


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