Illustrated Journal – Flowers From Exile by Adrian Borda

And now for something completely different

Most of my journals were done by either Deviantart artists or were media related, I decided for this week to dig around an look for something professional that I could relate to. And I found a modern piece entitle Flowers From Exile painted by Adrian Borda. It is a centered picture of a young woman (or teenage girl, I can’t tell) looking out of a car window crying with eyeliner dripping from her eyes on a rainy day. That’s one way of looking at it. Another way of looking at it is the person is crying in front of a bathroom mirror after a shower. That’s one thing I like about this picture, it can be looked at from multiple perspectives but it still gives off a clear feeling of sadness.

One thing that throws me off a bit is the upside-down cross on the top-right corner. Is the illustrator satanist or am I just making up a bogus theory because I ran out of things to right. Maybe its there based on an illustrative coincidence.

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