Self Caricature Version 2


I did my caricature in a similar style to Al Hirschfeld. While many would go for over-exaggeration of an expression, I went for an under-exaggeration to show subtle over-exaggeration. Look at my guys eyes for a start and you can see that he’s easily irritable. Look at his mouth to see he hold his life as boring. Look closely and his clenched fists to see the repressed anger he holds in making the ends redder if you would look in at the edge of his right hand’s fingers. I did it this way because that is currently how I’m viewing myself right now, or at least a portion of myself. I based the outfit choice off the clothes I normally wear around spring and summer time, and the arms being folded I based off the fact that nearly all the caricatures drawn by All Hirschfeld have folded arms.

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