Marionette with Pose-able arms


The structure and low is described in how the hand and arm motions are built from the ground up to be like real arms. But due to a lack of paper resources, the same vision could not be repeated for the legs since the figure itself it already massive and consisted of a lot of paper.

The ideas that you could say were generated from this figure is a modular version of a character I have envisioned in my mind titled: The Wanderer.

Size shaping of my figure was built to be almost human like but modular, the linearity in this case helps because it gives off the feeling that it was meant to be something human-like. The original color scheme was meant to be black and red with red stitching on face. But I had to replace black with dark green because I had no black paper, and I skipped out on most of the stitching because I was already running low on thread to begin with.

My creative process is following a long lasting desire to get my ideas for characters out of my head and into a form where others can see it. A process hindered by my inability to draw what I see in my mind.

The difference between the sting off my arm rope length and compliment a dominant hand’s force seeing as how one arm can throw a perfect punch.

The line is angular with a few rounded shapes added, the color symbolizes the dark nature of those the character in question left behind with the bleeding inside of what he once was.

Of all the shapes I made with the origami, the one I found the most potential is the cubes since they can often be used to create life like shapes with no risk on instability.

Using modular design allowed to make my character with worrying about whether or not it looks like how it should in my head.

My model has a small degree of balance in his design, but the posture is just barley standing due to a lack of proper legs. proportion is made as it is to give off a sense that this guy is meant to be a tall and imposing figure. And that is about the gist of it.

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