Illustrated Journal – Watchmen by Alan Moore and Dave Gibbons

In class we were supposed to read or re-read a graphic novel and observe how the characters are designed and how they move and such. I only had access to three books that fit the criteria in my dorm so I decided to go with what many consider to be the greatest graphic novel of all time, Watchmen. If you were to look at all the characters, notice how they have a simple style but details that complicate a simple design. But that is only part of it, my favourite feature of this style is the subtle attention to detail, of you look at the bottom left corner, you can see the background coloring change depending on the panel’s position. This sort of thing is common. Not to mention it has some subtle touches to make this whole thing more interesting throughout the book. And lastly, the stilted movements, I do not know if it is intentional or not, but they do give it some character.

But my favourite thing is how the panels play off each other with the best example being how the end of Chapter V (Bottom left corner) is almost like a mirror of the first page of the chapter.

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