My Hero…

Growing up, I never really had a hero or someone that I aspired to be. I never remembered watching a show or movie because it had a specific actor in it. I just viewed things as they were, good or bad. Although I did have someone I used to look up to in my early teenage years. It was that period when I became so interested in the Metal Gear Solid franchise. My favourite video game series of all time, even beating out the stuff I have more nostalgic attachment to. And I found out the views and ideals about the man who created the franchise, Hideo Kojima.

Mr. Kojima had to deal with the death of his father and his mother not being around much when he was growing up, but his love for western movies made him aspire to be a film director. And later on in his college years, he focused on breaking into the video game industry. He spent many years dealing with ridicule and restrictions from his peers and managers alike, but managed to deliver his games in almost flawless condition. He is one of the few video game developers I can think of to not have a legitimately bad game on his resume.

However, before the release of Metal Gear Solid V, news started going around on how his Publisher, Konami, have been treating their employees. And also how they have been giving Kojima the short end of the stick on so many things. Like making him rush out his final game leaving it in an incomplete state, and taking his name of the box of the game, just to name a few. All this in the end Resulted in Hideo’s departure from the company.

The fact he endured so much bullying from all this and still pushed through is the biggest reason why I used to consider him my hero. But then one more string of news broke out after all that, news that made me lose a lot of respect for him. While he was being bullied, he wasn’t treating his former lead voice actor, David Hayter,  much better despite giving good work. I have been bullied multiple times of my life, and I never would have done the same while Kojima practically did from my eyes.

And that’s why I don’t have a hero. I used during my teenage years but now I don’t again much like before. Despite all this, I still have some respect for the man because of what he has given the world.

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