Canon Project – Now Machine

World Backstory:

Humanity has been brought to the brink of complete extinction three centuries prior to this war. They escaped this by having many of what remained of the human race take refuge in the Sonnenberg Tunnel in Switzerland and having a squad of twelve people give their lives to nuke everything on the surface in an attempt to rid the planet of the invading daemons of the Outer Darkness. After nuking many lands in an attempt to rid the planet of invaders, the humans were free to come out of hiding and slowly rebuild their world. The process was slow after losing many natural resources to the fallout. But progressive since humanity was able to make key discoveries through their attempt to find ways to survive. They had discovered ways to use what remained of the invaders‘ dark magic to speed up building process, this technique would later be known as “mater building.” They would also discover the way to materialize transport the same way, though it would take longer than a building to build. And some users found a way to use this type of energy the create beacons one can use to phase to from anywhere in a certain range, technique that would be called “warping.” These new achievements were among many used to rebuild the world and provide a more stable environment for future generations to live peacefully in.

By the end of the 2nd century spent rebuilding, humanity became fully civilized again, creating a unified government with Switzerland being the new capital of the planet. The universal language is English with very few people having any knowledge that foreign languages could exist. A global currency titled “Eisetons” has been established, with old coins that survived the fallout considered rare collectibles. Instead of airports or any for of transit system, people warp to other locations by paying for a one use warp belt that can beam them to their destination of choice. Homes are much like those of the 21st century, except houses are designed to be triangular, metallic, and pointy. While apartment complexes function the exact same way as they did in the 21st century.

Markets for material and consumables functioned the same too, the only difference is everything was processed due to the fallout killing off the original product.

The new outfits of choice among the civilians and community like the housing is much like, though cloth material is thicker, thin boots replace sneakers, and the size of a cloak or scarf is more symbolic of wealth than a suit, with thick gloves replacing ties.

By the end of the 23rd century, humanity made its greatest achievement at this point. By combining matter built vehicles and warp technology. Space travel was no longer a thing that only men with specialized training can do, it became a thing anyone with a flying vehicle can do. And with this new achievement, mankind decided to explore other planets to find one that would be possible to colonize. This event was known as The Space Race II, a race against the stopwatch to see if there were any habitable worlds out there. After fifty year, it was discovered that the dwarf planet known in the 21st century as Ceres, later to be known as “Taska,” has the most friendly environment for humanity to colonize.

103 Humans made their way over there to set up and try it out, they found many natural resources long lost back home and breathable air. However, the ones who made the discovery of life on this Dwarf Planet made one great oversight that would eventually cost the colonists dearly.

Four years after settling, a local life form known as a Titan discovered them and reported them to the high council of Titans. The Titans were human like with glowing hair and eyes, more natural muscle mass, and their skin was often glossy with different colors. Because the titans at the time had the mentality of humans in the mid-20th century. They mistook this encampment as an invasion and raided the campsite killing 102 of the humans, leaving one alive to tell the story. After two years, the Titans built their own ships by analyzing the technology the humans created. And they launched a raiding party on the planet Earth in an attempt to discover any weaknesses should the humans ever “invade” their planet ever again. This raid was met with a similar effect as the Titan massacre of the human colonists. Eventually they were able to build off a transmitter to discuss their situation with the Titans. The Titans wanted the humans to never trespass among their planet and return the materials that had been poached from their lands. The humans wanted to establish a mutual agreement with the Titans since the Titans had human technology that was also stolen, but were willing to look past that if they could unify as their planets were similar. The Titans would have agreed with the terms if it weren’t for the fact the Titan raiding party had no survivors. At that moment war was declared among both races.

This war would last for many years ranging across many planets and dwarf planets in the solar system in an attempt to gain a greater foothold to get greater leverage should one race decide to attack the other planet directly without being overwhelmed.

At the dawn of the 24th century, the Earth government began facing a possible reign of anarchy because of the unpopular decision to make many middle aged civilians draft into the war. One more amazing discovery was made to solve that problem once again using the remaining dark magic left behind by those who almost exterminated them. The buried corpses of those who perished during what is known as “The Dark Years” had economic energy behind it left fully intact. Combining the dark energy with the dark magic and the matter building gave the humans the ability to raise the dead as human like machines. These machines would be drafted into this war. In an attempt to keep the approval ratings up, the true nature of the birth of these cyborgs was kept secret to the public. With each soldier getting their own fighter ships and choice of three guns, they were sent to the frontlines as the basic infantry of the human army while many humans who chose to keep fighting became their generals. After every battle, the cyborgs’ bodies would be warped back to the home camp where if possible, would be revived again to fight another day.

The Earth Army and The Titans were neck to neck with each other at this point.
But one Machine’s resurrection would change everything.


Shortened Version of Story:

Thanks to the new technology achieved by humans in this time period, humans who were killed by demonic entities or methods during the Outer Darkness Invasion can be brought back in a non-human body. But that is not known to these cyborgs. Upon resurrection, all they know is they were killed in battle and brought back to life by the medics without any memories. After unit K4D4 returned to life, he went along with what he was told because he didn’t have a better answer. But he knew something was odd, one thing that remained from his old life was his untrusting nature towards those he doesn’t know. After a severe blow to the head, his programing became corrupted and reverted all control to his brain. At that moment he remembered all details of his previous life and how all this came to be. At the moment he had no choice but to accept the fact that he needs to play his part of an ordinary battle cyborg in the war against the Titans. But one day it all changed, He was sent to Patrol Venus alongside another cyborg who he remembers as one of his old friends from High School in the previous life, and later on sent to patrol the moon with someone else who was an old friend of his. As the war continued, he observed how everyone around him acted and behaved, from the human commanders to the cyborg foot soldiers. Leading him to sneak around and find out more details about everything going on. He soon learned everything, that the only reason they wanted these cyborg soldiers was to stop drafting human soldiers in the war and the reason why they never told the public the whole truth was to look good in front of them. And that all the public knew was that the cyborgs were just simple attack droids.
Angered, he decided to launch a one man attack on the facility, restoring all the memories of all the other cyborgs and preventing the new ones from having their memories wiped. Halfway through this mission, he decided to program into the cyborgs the humans’ ability to use matter, but it came at a cost. He knew he could not survive with every soldier in the whole building coming for him and that many cyborgs still in stasis would die if he ran away now.

He overloaded the building’s energy core as he used it to warp many cyborgs away from the building and give them all the ability to use matter. But he could not save himself and he was gunned down shortly before the building imploded.
His actions inspired other cyborgs to break away from their control and establish a new colony of their own kind, but this also led to new problem down the line. One cyborg believed that this was a sign to dominate both the Humans and the Titans’ home worlds and entered the war as a third faction using the deceased Luke Smolka as their martyr. The humans would fight them anyway to rid themselves of their mistake. The Titans still considered the cyborgs as their enemy but took advantage of the fact that with two sides fighting among each other, they could establish a forward operating base on Earth’s moon and in Russia unnoticed. The war became a triple threat war.

I designed my character’s face around having it have  full human qualities in its info-structure such as no hard shielding against the cheeks, visible antennas to represent ears, and the back of the head caving inside from the neck down much like a real head. As for the character action, I decided to give it some stilted movement to give more of a comic feel since halfway through drawing, I noticed it looked like Watchmen’s art style so I decided to go all the way with it, plus showcase my characters preferred weapon of choice.

The outfit was inspired by Syldavian soldiers in the 1930s since I always visualized my character wearing a coat like that with the only skipped out detail being in the lack of shoulder to belt strap.

But with all that out of the way, this was a big step for me. Never before have I been put in a position where I can show where I could shine my skills effectively, or so I think since I’m still at the stage where I am happy to be finished with it. But once thing did come out of it that allowed the to pursue further in my skills, the Face of my figure. Older drafts of him had an oversimplified design of his face that don’t really look as well as this in my opinion. When I felt a surge of confidence one night out of nowhere, I decided to just draw out a new face for him and put some detail into it. I have an entry of that in an older post.

The Form of the figure is as stated before, stiff. This is intentional for two reasons, reason 1 being that I am really good at drawing things so I had to simplify some elements so I could get it complete once push comes to shove. The other reason is because as I was doing this, I noticed that my work looks a bit similar to the art of Watchmen so I decided to go all the way with it towards posing.

The Coloring of this is relatively simple, but primarily I used muddy and dark colors to try and give of a sense of impending doom to the character since he dies at the end of his story. And at the same time, unintentionally making the world worse than how it started off since the ones he died to free misinterpreted his purpose.

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