Do I consider myself an Artist?

No, I do not really consider myself one.

It’s not because I’m in a stage where I need to keep beating myself down to feel alive. It is not because I’ll say anything self-injuring just to receive attention or sympathy. It is because I factually do not consider myself an artist.

For a start, an artist is supposed to be someone who can generate an illustration that has a deeper meaning and looks good while doing so. I am not a good drawer, I am more of a person with ideas for things rather than the talent to execute physically. While I do try to incorporate deeper meanings for most of my work, it generally goes unnoticed unless I point it out anyway.

Plus there’s the fact that quite a lot of my work has been regarded as “done before.” And to my knowledge, an artist is defined as someone who can constantly come up with ideas that others regard as fresh and new. Which leads me to the next factor, my ideas come around slowly unless I’m basing it off an idea I had before.

But then again, the idea of me being a true artist is really up to others to decide if I really am not one, or if I am. All I can do is say what I think and leave it at that.

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