Reflection Project

When you look out a window, you can see multiple things going on. The first thing you may notice is yourself and how you are at the moment. If not that, then the first thing you will notice is what’s outside. Weather it is people living out their daily lives, or the emptiness giving you a sense of isolation in the world as it sleeps. Then the next thing is the reflection of your surroundings, like people waving around a big stick as someone else slumps against a chair. The last thing you’ll notice is what you imagine is going on there. Take that building with windows for a start, originally it had nothing in the windows, so I decided it would be a great spot to illustrate what is going on in my mind at the various times of me doing this project. The top half representing my moods, the bottom half representing my imagination to the music I listen to.

Reflection Critique Notes

Add more shading to the reflection, preferable when completely done to reduce chance of smudging.

Making the thoughts part of the background doesn’t matter if you can’t see them clearly.

Make a written speech prepared to reduce stammering in presentation.

Get a dedicated tape recorder for recording feedback.



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