3D Project – City Cafe Based on Mid Century Modern Architecture.

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Going into this project, I had no idea what to do since my knowledge of Maya was really limited. But as I kept updating this, I got better and better at making some shapes and objects. Most of which I learned on my own as I was doing this, others I learned by seeing how others do their work. Because of my inexperience, I am happy I have gotten a simple style to work with.

So let’s go into details now, I based the design off a city cafe I went to often as a kid back when I lived in Sydney. Complete with conference based tables intended for hangouts and families looking for a convenient luncheon, A row of tables for two, four chairs on the sidelines intended for people who want a cup of coffee and read the latest issue of Sydney Morning Herald, and seats at the bar. The kitchen is right behind the counter and available for all to see with a fridge, some cabinets, a sink, and a gas cooker oven.

With the style I was assigned, I noticed six defining features of it in all pictures online and in catalogs. Heavy emphasis on glass like objects, wood, curved objects, 50s style kitchen appliances, white bricks, and a simplistic design style with some oddities about it. I did my best to put all of these into the cafe with the boxed style to try to give off the sense of it being a mid century modern style cafe located in a city. I also decided to put in some elements of my own in there such as having a Shovel as a decoration, and satirical picture frames by the newspaper chairs. Plus a few out of place items on the menu.

What do I think works on this piece, I think it captures a city cafe pretty well since it is boxed in but gives what people need to run a cafe in an area filled with buildings. The chairs I really like since I feel I applied the most polish on those specifically to the point where I once spent an entire day trying to get the texture to be displayed in a symmetrical manner. The brick wall sections are another thing I really like looking at since they almost look three dimensional on their own rather than a seamless image I downloaded. And the glass textured door in the back I went through special lengths to get it to be the way it is. And I like the images I put by the newspaper chairs since they add a bit of charm to the place, my favorite being the screaming passenger.

As Sun Tzu said, if you know yourself but not the enemy, you will suffer a loss for every victory. And boy there were some things that didn’t work out as I intended them to. For a start, the tables and bar counter, I tried to assign a glass texture like I did the door, but unfortunately I couldn’t. One thing I learned the hard way is to NAME EVERY SMALL TEXTURE YOU CREATE or they will pile up and overflow the texture menu to the point where you cannot use anymore new files since there’s only so much stuff that can fit on the computer monitor. The next thing I didn’t like is the thing I was assigned, I like how I got a simple style so I can practice a bit before I get thrown into a lake, but because of how I am, I try to make it much like the results I found on how mid century modern cafes function. And those were overly simplistic on their own, I feel insignificant on my work compared to many others but I suppose that’s on me for not having high confidence in my work as long as everyone is around to point. It’s a double edged blade having such a simple style.


But that’s just my issues, and the opinion of the maker is generally insignificant to the opinion of the public.

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