Design Concept Drafts for next 3D Design Project.

Another character I have had in my mind ever since I was a kid. The story behind The Dark Lord Tortilla is that he’s the ruler of a world known as the Outer Darkness. He has once attempted to invade and rule the world during the medieval times and nearly succeeded. Many years later, he would be resurrected with a new set of armor, and this time he would successfully conquer the world and kill off all resistance. He is the reason why the world of my Cannon Character from another project was how it was, he summoned the daemons that nearly exterminated the human race. But because he got bored and left. The surviving humans were able to nuke the world of the remaining daemons.

That’s just a quick detail on his background, this design is of what his armor would look after his resurrection as opposed to his original armor since I personally do not want to design that just yet. At least not until I get better with the tools at my disposal. Until then, I will go with his “Revamped” design.

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