The Skeleton of Rodin’s Thinker.

He thinks, but what about?

Putting this together has been an interesting experience for me. Halfway through, I decided to rely heavily on charcoal. A pretty risky decision given my past experiences with it, but I went ahead since if I didn’t, I would risk not doing so well anyway. I started by tracing out the sculpture from the left side view of it from a projector in Lead Pencil. Didn’t go so well so I re-did it. Then I noticed how dis-proportionate the actual sculpture is, from the bends in the arm starting and ending in inconsistent places, the head and neck being in positions where they look deformed, and a bent foot.

With the bone layout, I decided to go with how they’d fit in a logical human body and roll with it. I added a few deformities with the skeleton to give it the sense that it actually would be the thinker’s skeleton.

It is an odd piece, but it honestly turned out better than I thought it would. Whether or not I’ll look back on this and consider it a good work will be determined by how others view it. I generally don’t get too much feedback on my work before I turn it in since I prefer to work alone, this is an exceptions since I for some reason had a growing desire to keep seeking out feedback from those I’d usually feel too nervous to ask.

I guess one thing that came out of this was I am slightly more confident in my abilities, plus I managed to make a project I was nervous about better than how I envisioned it.

One thing comes to mind, the thinker is depressed. Maybe it’s because his bones don’t work with his body like a normal human so it physically hurts him.

Source Image:

Image result for rodin thinker

Rodin’s Thinker. Digital image. Study Blue. N.p., n.d. Web. 30th Mar. 2017. <;.

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