Work Journal 04/11/2017


First up over the weekend, I tried getting the design of my version of Cronus down so I can have a clear idea of what I will be drawing from when I do the actual comic, here is what I have settled on right now

As for research

Most Storytellers who speak of the Titan Cronus agree that he was the youngest child of Uranus and Gaea, the previous ruler of the cosmos. He had always desired to overthrow his father and once Uranus started fearing the day when he would be overthrown, he imprisoned Cronus’ siblings into the pit of Tartarus.  which made Gaea angry. This gave Cronus the opening he needed because he saw that he wasn’t the only one plotting to have Uranus removed. And so Uranus was overthrown and Cronus became the new king of the cosmos and gave birth to children of his own with his sister Rhea. And with that began what is considered to be the golden age, where everything is paradise with little to no suffering. But it wouldn’t last forever since Cronus soon started experiencing the exact same fear that cost Uranus his position as Ruler. Then eventually Cronus succumbed to it and devoured all but one of his children.

“Cronus, Titan God of Time and the Ages, First Ruler of the Cosmos – Greek Gods, Mythology of Ancient Greece.” Greek Mythology. N.p., n.d. Web. 7 Apr. 2017. <;.

How I wish for my story to go is to showcase how Cronus slowly succumbs to what would eventually become his undoing right up to the point where he would eat his first born child.

Upon examining the art styles of Archaic Greek art elements, I have noted that they are relatively simple in some areas where it doesn’t leave a lot of room for movement. I think this style would be perfect for the narrative I wish to go for since I plan on focusing more on story since my drawing skill isn’t as good as I would like it to be.


I have gotten all of my shots of myself that I could use for the project down, the first two I plan on tweaking in Photoshop if people agree that they are good enough

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