Cannon Marionette Sculpture

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This statue has had its fair share of ups and downs throughout development. Despite a slow beginning, it eventually had a steady end that seemed to quick to be real. Only sections that had a small amount of construction behind it were the coat tail, the hands, and the collar since they are the only elements on the entire structure to not have a wooden skeleton, just clay. The rest of it was made of wood with wire holding off most of the pieces in place. Initially I tried to make the coloring behind my state true to my canon character from earlier this year, but after an incident where I used silver paint to add a second prime layer, and people seemed to think it looked better than the original concept. So with the exception of the eyes, I stuck with he silver coat. The modular design acts as the deterrent on how this whole structure stays stable. Through balancing the proportion of each limb and layer my statue was able to maintain itself and maintains its form as it is now.

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