Work Journal 05/02/2017


I realize I have not updated this project on wordpress in a while. The reason behind is because this project has been in the back on my mind compared to the urgency of projects like the comic and various things in other classes. So I’ll point out the progress since last update.


On April 29th, I decided that I didn’t like the previous images I put together and shot myself a new one.

On April 30th, I got to work on an outline for shading using the new photo as a resource.

On May 1st, I didn’t have much time to spare so I thought the best thing to do would be to finish out the background (Which I don’t have a picture of due to my forgetting to take a photo of).

And  today, I got around to doing the shading and textures of the portrait.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I plan on polishing out the texture and I’m contemplating on adding a little red to the eyes since on the original photo, there is a little bit of red in the eye because of the camera’s flash effect. What holds me back is that I am not sure if it would suit the style.

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