Self Portrait – Final Project

A self portrait is defined as “a portrait of an artist produced or created by that artist.” I’m too modest to accept the title of “artist,” but that’s because I have quite a lot of obstacles to get through before I can even consider embracing that title. And that leads me to the focus of my Self-Portrait. I focused on Improving it. Most will focus on themes done so many times before in art such as Anxiety, Identity, Mental Decay, etc. I disregarded any of those qualities and focused purely to increase the quality of my image despite not being good at this kind of thing. From using materials that I generally have a hard time with (Charcoal), and using techniques I could never get down right (Shade textures and Line Weight).

Despite all that, there is a reason why I am in that pose. At the time I started doing this project, I have had a growing obsession with Sun Tzu’s Art of War and decided to do a pose that pops into my head when I think about the Art of War. Yeah a lot of people will point out how it looks like a clichéd villain pose, but why it became that is because the pose represents a strategist who wins but never fights. Just like the art of war. Many who look at this may say that this is supposed to be a visualization of how I view myself. But it isn’t, I just wanted to draw myself in this pose because it reminds me of a work of literature I really like and gives me more motivation to get this whole piece done right outside of just getting a good grade.

Because the goal of this was to see if I could improve, it only makes sense to provide a slideshow of my progress.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


And a link to my first ever attempt at a self-portrait.

Base Image:

SDC10083 copy.png

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