Render of My 3D Model

This was an interesting piece to work on with many different aspects improving as the design went on. I will save the sentimental speech about how this design is supposed to mean a lot to me because I’m pretty sure you are familiar with how it goes. But this is a design I had floating around in my mind for about as long as I can remember. The Dark Lord Tortilla, in his REVAMPED design. This is meant to be his look after he is resurrected to live in the modern times. The head may not look it, but it does have an actual face inside I gave him cell-shading because I always thought of it to be something that would suit him since he practically is a cartoon character. And because I wanted to experiment, I decided to have a small flame feature going off his head and make his cape flow like actual fabric. Whether or not this paid off is up in the air.



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