Repurpose Project – Drunken Pub Story (Production 1)

(Note: Due to the video going over the upload limit for Vimeo, I had to link it to YouTube instead.)

Another project I had a lot of fun making. This time it is a re-purpose of some famous scenes from the original Star Wars. I chose this movie because not only is it one of my favourite films of all time, it is also one of the most recognizable. And because of this, when something is off it is more obvious and more funnier. I used repetition in earlier scenes to as a way to show how long it feels to get harassed by a random guy at the pub. Then I used anticipation towards the end to make one of film history’s most iconic scenes into something else. Not going to spoil it if you are reading this before watching the video. I used rhythm to change the tone of the entire scenes to something entirely different by changing up the placement of the scenes. Not to mention slowing down one clip to give the feel of a man going through a flashback and making someone else wait on him for an answer. My writing alone can’t do my enthusiasm justice.

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