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Plans for the Video Art Project

This one was tough to come up with at first, but then I remembered one phrase I used in my younger days. “When in doubt, reference Kafka.” So that’s pretty much what I will plan on doing, I’m supposed to … Continue reading

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Montage Project (Production 1)

  Funny how a working pattern can change when something comes out of nowhere. Truth be told, this isn’t my best work when it comes to my video projects. That is because I had to rush this project to meet … Continue reading

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Peer Review (intermediate 3D animation) (Original Post) (Review) For the process of this review, I will be looking at fellow classmate, Zachary Martell. Upon first looking at it without looking into the individual frames in detail, it looks okay. Stilted movements which look … Continue reading

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Production 1 – Documentary on Grass

This is a project that I kinda had a few minor setbacks to but overcame them in the end against the odds. But you’re here for the content of the project, It is a documentary on Grass. On top of … Continue reading

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