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Gallery Write Up for Interactive Design 1: Annette Heully

Independent artist Annette Heully hosted an art talk in the SET building of the Alfred State Campus on April 7th. Complete with a temporary art exhibit which had opened up   What she had presented during that time was work … Continue reading

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PSA (Necrontryr Watch Ad) – Production 2

For this, I thought the best thing to do would be to advertise something that I have created and wouldn’t mind if more people would join if they really wanted. My discord server Necrontyr Watch. I also went with this … Continue reading

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Four Light Test – Production 2

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Net Art (In the Darkness, There is Only Ambition) – Interactive Design Final β€œIn the darkness, there is only ambition.”   Many say that art is an interpretation. Art has also often been described as an organization of color to spread a meaning or story. And in a minimalistic work, color is … Continue reading

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Production 2: News from the Past

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Site Revision- (Interactive Design) – UPDATE (4/26/18)

(HTML Continuation) (HTML Draft) (Need to include: Need to have text over the header image and implement the scroll feature) (Need to fix: Fix the icons clumping up with the search bar, icon problems in general) (Draft 2) … Continue reading

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Web Re-design Project (Interactive Design)

The web-site that I am re-designing was for Kendal Central School. An official webpage for the titular school spreading awareness to both the establishment and what goes on to both parents and potential students. Looking at the site also give … Continue reading

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Java Site (Sockland Adventure Prelude) – Interactive Design I had gone through a number of different ideas and iterations before settling on the idea of telling a scrolling comic story. It’s simplistic, and that is because I am not very good with Parallax at the moment. So … Continue reading

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