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PSA (Necrontryr Watch Ad) – Production 2

For this, I thought the best thing to do would be to advertise something that I have created and wouldn’t mind if more people would join if they really wanted. My discord server Necrontyr Watch. I also went with this … Continue reading

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Four Light Test – Production 2

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Production 2: News from the Past

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Java Site (Sockland Adventure Prelude) – Interactive Design I had gone through a number of different ideas and iterations before settling on the idea of telling a scrolling comic story. It’s simplistic, and that is because I am not very good with Parallax at the moment. So … Continue reading

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Samurai Training – (Production 2)

—————Archetype Details————— This shot right here could pretty much tell what, in an abridged sense, is going on in this entire short film. If mostly because of the way the characters are designed and the weapons they wield. Still effective … Continue reading

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Gallery Write Up for Interactive Design 1: Tate Museum

There are many landmarks of the United Kingdom that many would flock to see as soon as they got the chance to. One place that I went out of my way to visit during my time in the museum was … Continue reading

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Script for upcoming production project – Production 2

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Glitch Tutorial – A REAL Nightmare (Production 2)

Oh boy, glitch art again… Feelings towards glitch art aside, this assignment was to just pretty much make a video glitch out using Adobe After Effects. I pretty much just screwed around with the options for distorting the front layer … Continue reading

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