3D Ball Project (Intermediate 3D Animation)

Here we have both of my 3D Ball Bounce animations. They were both relatively simple because I used Rotoscoping on them because when I started, I misunderstood and thought I was supposed to do it that way. A method I will not be using in later projects this year because it may work for this but for other projects it’s nothing more than a self-inflicted bullet wound in the foot. When looking over the reverence footage in the background, you can see that neither of the balls there bounce but the ones I animated do bounce. That is because in first one shown, I use a ping-pong ball which bounces sure but never stretches upon bouncing. Same goes for the stress ball in the other animation, bounce but no stretch. If I have one complaint about my work, it is that I Rotoscoped it instead of the way it apparently was supposed to be done. Overall I am happy with my progress here because I thought I was going to do a whole lot worse.

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Render of My 3D Model

This was an interesting piece to work on with many different aspects improving as the design went on. I will save the sentimental speech about how this design is supposed to mean a lot to me because I’m pretty sure you are familiar with how it goes. But this is a design I had floating around in my mind for about as long as I can remember. The Dark Lord Tortilla, in his REVAMPED design. This is meant to be his look after he is resurrected to live in the modern times. The head may not look it, but it does have an actual face inside I gave him cell-shading because I always thought of it to be something that would suit him since he practically is a cartoon character. And because I wanted to experiment, I decided to have a small flame feature going off his head and make his cape flow like actual fabric. Whether or not this paid off is up in the air.



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Self Portrait – Final Project

A self portrait is defined as “a portrait of an artist produced or created by that artist.” I’m too modest to accept the title of “artist,” but that’s because I have quite a lot of obstacles to get through before I can even consider embracing that title. And that leads me to the focus of my Self-Portrait. I focused on Improving it. Most will focus on themes done so many times before in art such as Anxiety, Identity, Mental Decay, etc. I disregarded any of those qualities and focused purely to increase the quality of my image despite not being good at this kind of thing. From using materials that I generally have a hard time with (Charcoal), and using techniques I could never get down right (Shade textures and Line Weight).

Despite all that, there is a reason why I am in that pose. At the time I started doing this project, I have had a growing obsession with Sun Tzu’s Art of War and decided to do a pose that pops into my head when I think about the Art of War. Yeah a lot of people will point out how it looks like a clichéd villain pose, but why it became that is because the pose represents a strategist who wins but never fights. Just like the art of war. Many who look at this may say that this is supposed to be a visualization of how I view myself. But it isn’t, I just wanted to draw myself in this pose because it reminds me of a work of literature I really like and gives me more motivation to get this whole piece done right outside of just getting a good grade.

Because the goal of this was to see if I could improve, it only makes sense to provide a slideshow of my progress.

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And a link to my first ever attempt at a self-portrait. https://lucassparky.wordpress.com/2016/09/05/first-attempt-at-a-self-portrait/

Base Image:

SDC10083 copy.png

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Work Journal 05/02/2017


I realize I have not updated this project on wordpress in a while. The reason behind is because this project has been in the back on my mind compared to the urgency of projects like the comic and various things in other classes. So I’ll point out the progress since last update.


On April 29th, I decided that I didn’t like the previous images I put together and shot myself a new one.

On April 30th, I got to work on an outline for shading using the new photo as a resource.

On May 1st, I didn’t have much time to spare so I thought the best thing to do would be to finish out the background (Which I don’t have a picture of due to my forgetting to take a photo of).

And  today, I got around to doing the shading and textures of the portrait.

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I plan on polishing out the texture and I’m contemplating on adding a little red to the eyes since on the original photo, there is a little bit of red in the eye because of the camera’s flash effect. What holds me back is that I am not sure if it would suit the style.

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3D Model In it’s full form

This gallery contains 2 photos.

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Cannon Marionette Sculpture

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This statue has had its fair share of ups and downs throughout development. Despite a slow beginning, it eventually had a steady end that seemed to quick to be real. Only sections that had a small amount of construction behind it were the coat tail, the hands, and the collar since they are the only elements on the entire structure to not have a wooden skeleton, just clay. The rest of it was made of wood with wire holding off most of the pieces in place. Initially I tried to make the coloring behind my state true to my canon character from earlier this year, but after an incident where I used silver paint to add a second prime layer, and people seemed to think it looked better than the original concept. So with the exception of the eyes, I stuck with he silver coat. The modular design acts as the deterrent on how this whole structure stays stable. Through balancing the proportion of each limb and layer my statue was able to maintain itself and maintains its form as it is now.

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Creation Myth Comic – Cronus’ first meal.

Format Draft 5-02@1,25x

After Cronus’ victory over his father, Uranus. The golden age had began and everything was at peace. But Cronus was afraid that his rule would be overtaken by one of his own children just as he usurped his father. As he debates with himself whether this is the right course of action or not, he believes this is the only way to preserve his rule, the only way to preserve the golden age. For the peace to continue, he must devour his children to ensure they will never take over. Continue reading

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