Gallery Prototype 2– The Iconic Elements Version 2.05 (Interactive Design)

Screen Shot 2018-01-31 at 11.15.24 PM

The process of listening to the feedback of my old version didn’t really give me a whole lot to work with, however I went out of my way to try to tear it apart to try to find other flaws that would harm it in the long run. I also incorporated multiple forms of the color scheme and put on this version and another to a poll between people in my dorm, someone from Grove School of Engineering, and IIT. It ended in 6-3 in favor of the old color scheme as the emblems catch people’s eye. And in the end, isn’t that what you want people to do to make them catch the attention of people of others and make them want to click the link? If I knew I was allowed to, I would add a simple Theme Switch button to appease those who prefer the darker look. But I believe the brighter one should be the standard look. The biggest problem with the old version was that since the monitor used to present it was of poor quality, nobody was able to see the menu button. So I brightened that up and added arrows to appease those who claimed that it is simpler that way. I don’t think that it helps  but let’s see how it goes. And I added a side bar to make it feel a bit more like a popular streaming site we know and love. The real reason why it hasn’t got too many noteworthy problems is because of the fact that it is a simple format. One could argue that it is its true flaw, but it is simple so it can remain effective and easy to navigate.

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Gallery Prototype – The Iconic Elements (Interactive Design)

Screen Shot 2018-01-30 at 12.56.10 AM.png (Standard View) (Spec View)

With every website, I have notice that some of them tend to be straight forward and simple. As such, I thought the best thing to do would be to keep each of the page links as a simple grid. Following feedback before upload, I kept the color scheme outside of the main images to be at 3 maximum. As well as a different font for the site. One other reason why I chose to keep it simple was because later on, this will be translated into HTML, and I want to be able to code it in a way where I can still maintain my original vision in mind. Plus this was the first time I worked with Adobe XD.


Feedback notes include

Framing or Insetting would help out with the color issues (especially on monitors with computers not so bright)

Brighten the color of the menu button to a lighter grey

Add the grey on the individual pages to the menu hub also.

Find a organization pattern that doesn’t seem so robotic for the image hub


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Glitch Tutorial – A REAL Nightmare (Production 2)

Oh boy, glitch art again…

Feelings towards glitch art aside, this assignment was to just pretty much make a video glitch out using Adobe After Effects. I pretty much just screwed around with the options for distorting the front layer and got a spinning flat ground type image which was an effect I loosely based off Giygas’ movements from Earthbound. The video that I glitched out was a short AMV I had made prior to the class with the most distortion set to happen around the green parts on the video.


(Original Version)

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Final Production Project – Top 10 Least Favorite Design Choices in Video Games (Production 1)


(Shortened Version)

Well, time to go out with a bang.

I had so much fun in this class that I wanted to end by doing a video game related top 10 list. I always had a weird fascination with those for some odd reason, if mostly because of how the people who made those lists present their opinions. So I decided to give it a go. This was honestly the first production project that I lost sleep on because I decided to make mine longer so I could provide as many points as I can. I also made a shortened version specifically for presenting to the class for critique since there’s a lot to get though. I had fun with this but it was also a bit stressful in some places.

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Self Critique (Intermediate 3D Animation

What can be said about ones self that reflects their work? Realistically speaking, nothing should be said since the work is what needs to do all the talking. But in the end, only words can describe the person who has created the work. Looking back on all of the projects that I have done this year, all I can think of is how far I have come. Going into the class not knowing how to animate with Maya at all to a guy who can marginally deliver what is supposed to be made. Granted most of the issues in the earlier works are the result of not knowing about the IK functions in the limbs, but they were present nevertheless. It was eventually overcome and made the final animation in particular, much easier to make. One common thing I have noticed in my works besides improvement is the initial way I approached the situation. With the exception of the canceled sit up project, I have an unorthodox way of approaching my animations. From using multiple ball types and angles for the Ball Project, a really weird walk for the Walk Project, using gymnastics as a way to turn around for the Pace Project, and legs to lift for the Lift Project. The trade off on that is I give myself more to work with but it makes the end product more worth it. So that’s my work, an unorthodox approach to an improving method of animation. Still a long way to go.

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Lifting (Intermediate 3D Animation)

For my animation, I wanted to have a guy lift a box with his legs. Eventually it would shift into him lifting something that would eventually crush him. For that reason I decided to give the surroundings a steel look like a factory. My guy’s reasoning for not using his hands is because he was lying down when it started coming down so he had to think fast. Though he does later on switch to using all limbs, it was in vain as the pillar crushes him anyway. Overall I believe this to be a major improvement over my previous animations as the first one had stilted movement and doesn’t flow as well as this one. The last one had a few inconsistencies but managed to live on its own eventually. I suppose that’s the real attraction of this animation, seeing how it has been animated loads differently from my earlier works.

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Video Art Project (Production 1)

What do you get when you try your best to turn Franz Kafka’s quote about fate into a video without using any words? A little something like this.

This was a project that was simple but had a few hurdles to jump across despite all that. Biggest issue being creating that sandstorm effect. I have tried using blender and after effects and they didn’t work too well given my lack of experience with both tools. Then I decided to mess with the weather tool in the Source engine and do that in front of a green screen so that I can put that almost seamlessly into the final product. The other big hurdle was audio. Because I do not have my own Midi keyboard on campus I had to borrow someone else’s and because of that, I rushed the audio and as such I kinda screwed myself over there.

Originally I filmed everything in color, including the sandstorm, but because I was basing my project on Franz Kafka I felt I should remove the color to take away any form of joy you can see.

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Pacing (Intermediate 3D Animation)

So this is a project that I have gone through many alterations on. It honestly had so many setbacks to the point where I had to start all over again more times than I care to count. But in the end, it is done and it looks pretty good in my opinion. My guy is moving to look at a volcano but it erupts so he decides to run back to avoid the lava. And the guy is given an over the top reaction to the explosion, and doesn’t even look at it.



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