Peer Review (intermediate 3D animation) (Original Post) (Review)

For the process of this review, I will be looking at fellow classmate, Zachary Martell. Upon first looking at it without looking into the individual frames in detail, it looks okay. Stilted movements which look like more frames needed to be added into it, but it does look consistent in its animation, It could use some tweening but it is okay.

After looking into each frames individually, there was a lot to take note of in such a short animation loop. The first notable issue is that the first four frames are the exact same, while I know some people who have the exact same issue, I won’t be too harsh on it. But it doesn’t change the fact that this is the first issue right out of the gate. Then on the 5th frame, the arm transition seems very odd, maybe it is because of the stiff movement but it still doesn’t look very good. Then in the 7th frame we see the position is unchanged from the previous frame. Then again in the 9th frame, 11th frame, 13th frame, 15th frame, 17th frame, 19th frame, and 23rd frame. Frame 20 has too much jump in the arms and looks very odd. And finally, the last frame is supposed to set up the first frame, but the position in the left leg is jumbled up and doesn’t ease very well.

Now to end on the lighter side, despite the repetitive frames and frames having too much jump, the jumped frames work well since almost all frames have the same jump and they keep a consistent pattern. However one frame breaks the flow but having too much jump but it still has an overall consistent pattern. And the shoulder movement is completely spot on, never have I found the shoulder have a few hitches but the right kind since the arms move in a way that the shoulder needs to lift it up a bit more. Keep on practicing there.

disclaimer: I want to let whoever is reading this know that this assignment should not be shared online for the world to see. Because it can cause some to play favourites and others to lash out publicly online. I have no issue with peer reviewing people we know personally in a negative tone, I just don’t like doing it on the internet for everyone to see.

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Production 1 – Documentary on Grass

This is a project that I kinda had a few minor setbacks to but overcame them in the end against the odds. But you’re here for the content of the project, It is a documentary on Grass. On top of giving a few facts on grass that are quite frankly obvious, I decided to parody a typical History Channel documentary, from the overblown theatrical music, the making simple statements overly complicated tactic, and getting random opinions to prove a point regardless of if it has anything to do with the topic. Plus using the show as a form of advertising another show.

Most of the footage was captured by myself using a camcorder, the title sequence was made by me using a combination of Flash and Magix Movie Edit, red grass mowing footage was snagged from YouTube alongside the Turf Builder ad. And the music itself was taken from either Marvel vs Capcom 3, Ren & Stimpy, and a remix of a Donkey Kong song.

After 4 edits, this is the result.

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Walk the Walk (Intermediate 3D Animation)

Well here we go again. This time I based my walk loosely of a walk that Jeff Hardy used to do for WWE in 2007 except I used my attempts of recreating it as resource from 2 angles. Granted they didn’t line up perfectly but it is just a resource in the end, not what I copy completely.  Its also why I took a few liberties and over exaggerated a few frames in the animation. Because if you look at the resource, I move very stiffly and that doesn’t translate well to animation. Overall I am happy with the result but maybe I could have done a more normal-like walk since I kinda gave myself too much to work with. But hey, I overcame a bigger hill this way.

(Syncsketch view here:


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Script for Next Video (Production 1)


We all walk on this beautiful grass field everyday. It is often something that many take for granted in today’s world.

For some it is the thing people keep off of to preserve its form. Others its just another pavement.

I went to ask people what they think of grass and here is what they had to say.

There is more to grass then that, here is… GRASS.

Grass is a plant that used to grow exclusively in Forrest and Grassland ecosystems. But in today’s world, they have migrated over to the lawns of people’s houses. These are domesticated grass and their favorite food is Scott’s Turf Builder and their favorite way to nourish themselves is by a lawn sprinkler.

However, domesticated grass cannot grow naturally because of their natural predator. The north american lawnmower. Grass can be found all other the world and where ever there is domesticated grass, there a lawnmower of various attributes. Because of this, grass is crippled and can never grow to their full potential.

While the lawnmower is not deadly, it is definitely crippling. But in the end, the lawnmower doesn’t act alone. The lawnmower acts out of a need to feed and the north american human is the one who uses grass as means to feed the lawnmower

This has gotten so bad to the point where the only place you can find grass growing happily is so very far from human civilization.



cuz’ no one cares!


Coming Up next on History.

We are all familiar with the anatomy of the Pikachu, a Pikachu is a short, chubby rodent Pokémon. It is covered in yellow fur with two horizontal brown stripes on its back.

But today is a landmark of our history as we dive into the recently discovered Giant Pikachu. The giant Pikachu lives in the row house of Mackenzie south, he eats Pop Tarts and watches JoJo’s Bizarre adventure. But will this young rodent find his way to.

The March of the Giant Pikachus
8pm on History.


(To put it straightforward, I plan on doing a documentary on Grass with a promo at the end.)

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Repurpose Project – Drunken Pub Story (Production 1)

(Note: Due to the video going over the upload limit for Vimeo, I had to link it to YouTube instead.)

Another project I had a lot of fun making. This time it is a re-purpose of some famous scenes from the original Star Wars. I chose this movie because not only is it one of my favourite films of all time, it is also one of the most recognizable. And because of this, when something is off it is more obvious and more funnier. I used repetition in earlier scenes to as a way to show how long it feels to get harassed by a random guy at the pub. Then I used anticipation towards the end to make one of film history’s most iconic scenes into something else. Not going to spoil it if you are reading this before watching the video. I used rhythm to change the tone of the entire scenes to something entirely different by changing up the placement of the scenes. Not to mention slowing down one clip to give the feel of a man going through a flashback and making someone else wait on him for an answer. My writing alone can’t do my enthusiasm justice.

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Intro to Me (Production)


Intro to me, not much to say that hasn’t already been covered on this site to be honest. I’m just going to cut to the chase here. I HAD SO MUCH FUN with this project. I honestly did this whole thing in less than a day because to me, this whole thing was child’s play. I have been editing videos since middle school and if anything, I have been getting better every passing day I edit. I definitely am not the best at it but it is the one thing I have done so far in my entire run at college that I am proud of not because I finished it, because I was able to get so much done in so little time. Except this time, not because I didn’t have enough time. If anything I had TOO MUCH time for this project since all I needed to make a video less than 45 seconds and more than 15. Most of my best videos take 3 minutes. This is going to be fun. I just decided to be as random as possible and showcase my proficiency with my editing tools from ability to do the exact same gesture each time I shot on location, Croma Key effects, a few video game references, and a subliminal message.

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3D Ball Project (Intermediate 3D Animation)

Here we have both of my 3D Ball Bounce animations. They were both relatively simple because I used Rotoscoping on them because when I started, I misunderstood and thought I was supposed to do it that way. A method I will not be using in later projects this year because it may work for this but for other projects it’s nothing more than a self-inflicted bullet wound in the foot. When looking over the reverence footage in the background, you can see that neither of the balls there bounce but the ones I animated do bounce. That is because in first one shown, I use a ping-pong ball which bounces sure but never stretches upon bouncing. Same goes for the stress ball in the other animation, bounce but no stretch. If I have one complaint about my work, it is that I Rotoscoped it instead of the way it apparently was supposed to be done. Overall I am happy with my progress here because I thought I was going to do a whole lot worse.

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