Java Exercises – (Interactive Design)

For me, Java is a test of trial and error. Always has and continues to do so. Though I have learned a few new things in the end. Here is the result of the exercises.

Toggle Display

Time Based Events

Multi-Layer Parallax Scrolling

Keyboard Events


Of all the ones here, I think that the ones that would mostly come in handy for the Javascript project will be the Keyboard Events and the Time Based Events one given what I play on putting on there. More details will be given in about a week at the time of this posting.

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Samurai Training – (Production 2)

—————Archetype Details—————

This shot right here could pretty much tell what, in an abridged sense, is going on in this entire short film. If mostly because of the way the characters are designed and the weapons they wield. Still effective at getting the message across. Unless I was trying to make the Ninja look like the protagonist of the story.

——————-Shot Details——————-


Size DifferenceSize Difference.png

This shot has the camera Panning slight around the 3 actors. All of whom are at varying distances away from the camera. And all of whom are on 3 separate planes, as the camera moves, it shows off the the depth of the scene.


Dolly Out

This shot zooms out to show what this character is looking at while keeping the audience watching in the same perspective. Made to be this way so that the audience could simply tell by looking what is going on. What makes this shot different from most other Dolly Out shots is that the background doesn’t blur out.

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Gallery Write Up for Interactive Design 1: Tate Museum

There are many landmarks of the United Kingdom that many would flock to see as soon as they got the chance to. One place that I went out of my way to visit during my time in the museum was … Continue reading

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Champ’s Trophy Goods – Responsive Design HTML (Interactive Design)

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I felt like a few things should have could have been changed to allow this site to be able to seem like a trophy site. One common suggestion was to make it a bit more elegant. I felt the best way to for this would be to add a little black in the site. Change the title font color in black and the buttons for the types of trophies. Still keeping the two colors I had to work with as the primary colors however. Another thing I did was use the Cormorant Garamond font since it seems like the font you would see engraved on a trophy. Unfortunately I did have to cut one corner to get this on time and that was the search bar on the original. I had issues getting one to work and it took way too much time to try to figure it out so I figured it would be best to just drop the search bar and focus on implementing everything else.

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Champ’s Trophy Goods – Responsive Design (Interactive Design) (Web) (Mobile)

For this assignment we were meant to create a site targeted at a certain demographic with a random set of colors, with a certain theme. Me, I had Trophy site for 55 year old men. Not a theme I would want to work with but I do what I can with what I have. My research on this was rushed a bit since I had other things thrown at my in other classes so the first version didn’t look too good. This 2nd version is similar with a few differences that I decided to put in based on the common themes with other sites directed at an older demographic. From the search bar being at the top right with it having its own bar. Keeping the site map directly underneath the right side of the site name. Some images that tend to stay fixed. And based on other trophy sites, the stocks on the bottom right corner with the image in the left side. The logo is a simple one because most good logos are. You compare the old apple logo to the modern one, the difference is moonlight and twilight. The only difference between most modern logos and mine is I have color in it to match the brand colors.

(Will feature criticism notes once it has been critiqued)

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Art Site – Dark Arts (Interactive Design)

Another site where I decided to keep things relatively simple. This time it was to match the overall aesthetic of the work I have uploaded before. I will say that unlike my other site, this one is better optimized for different monitor sizes with the text boxes moving with he edge of the screen when you shrink the size of the window. The upper corner is also simplified. I probably should have found a way to have it scroll down with the page but I didn’t because I am not too good with CSS at the moment.

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Lorem Ipsum – Art Site (Interactive Design)

So here’s the first version of the Art Site made in Adobe XD. In tidings with my work presented last week, I gave it a dark backdrop with has scribbling behind it. And the main-page image being a abstract charcoal image I drew last year. In a future version I will probably hand draw the entire background to be similar to the background of the self-portrait in the site. But for now, it stays as a place holder, much like the rest of the text.

(Critique Notes:

Move the navigation buttons to the header

Straighten out the white border boxes)

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Sound vs Silence: Dead Silence – (Production 2)

————Why Silence vs Sound?————

When it comes to just about anything to do with video editing, I make it a point to approach it with either the intent on improving an old formula, or creating my own. With most Silence vs Sound stories choosing to focus on making the tiniest bit of sound the enemy of the story, I thought I could change it up given my history of poor focus. You could say I loosely based the narrative of this production off my own experience. But I wanted to not only deliver the narration, but create a situation where my situation could be understood. And what better way for that than to have the main character directly interject her thoughts to the audience.


Traditionally this trend is done with little audio to show how silence is better. But because I’m going the opposite route, you can see why I went full on commentary.


——————-Shot Details——————-


This shot has the camera placed in multiple locations that show similar events being played out. The reason for this is because I wanted it this way is because I couldn’t get many people to play background during this production so I had to be creative with how I shot it so it would look like there was a lot of people in the room despite there only being five in general. It also helps since some of the objects that the background tossed around aren’t easily identifiable without careful examination.


This other shot later on is an example of deep space. While the picture is focused on the main character of this video, the audience can see that the background appears to have a lot of depth. With the camera following the character as she walks forward, the space gets deeper and we see other people walking from the deep end or towards it.

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