Work Journal 04/20/2017


After receiving feedback on what I have gotten for the artwork of the comic, I tweaked it. Not only did I correct drawing inconsistencies, I also added faces and the missing 5th panel. Plus add in the story part.

I also had another version that I partially colored but one of the scenes had a view angle that doesn’t look too good.

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3D model progress check torso and legs.

Screen Shot 2017-04-21 at 12.23.50 PM.png

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Work Journal 04/16/2017


Because I have made a couple of attempts on paper and ended up not using them properly, I decided to draft the concept for panel art digitally before I get it down on physical paper. I have managed to get down the first four over the weekend with the end result looking a little bit like this.

The final frame would be him eating his son but I don’t know which angle I should take it, I know I should have his eye completely redded out, and portray his sharp teeth. But I don’t know the exact angle I wish to draw this from just yet.

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Maya Character Head.

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Work Journal 04/11/2017


First up over the weekend, I tried getting the design of my version of Cronus down so I can have a clear idea of what I will be drawing from when I do the actual comic, here is what I have settled on right now

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Work Journal 04/07/2017


With most of my other homework either out of the way or in a position where I don’t need to work on them, I found this to be the perfect day to resume the planing phase of my Comic project.

After three days I decided to focus on a Greek creation myth, particularly the story of Cronus and his downfall. The art style is something that has not been settled on yet. What has been settled on is the design concept. I plan on focusing on the Cronus with the following traits, grey calmly skin, a tall lengthy figure with muscles like any other Greek god, bald, sharp teeth for when he eats his kids, abnormal eyes showcasing his descent into madness.



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The Skeleton of Rodin’s Thinker.

He thinks, but what about?

Putting this together has been an interesting experience for me. Halfway through, I decided to rely heavily on charcoal. A pretty risky decision given my past experiences with it, but I went ahead since if I didn’t, I would risk not doing so well anyway. I started by tracing out the sculpture from the left side view of it from a projector in Lead Pencil. Didn’t go so well so I re-did it. Then I noticed how dis-proportionate the actual sculpture is, from the bends in the arm starting and ending in inconsistent places, the head and neck being in positions where they look deformed, and a bent foot.

With the bone layout, I decided to go with how they’d fit in a logical human body and roll with it. I added a few deformities with the skeleton to give it the sense that it actually would be the thinker’s skeleton.

It is an odd piece, but it honestly turned out better than I thought it would. Whether or not I’ll look back on this and consider it a good work will be determined by how others view it. I generally don’t get too much feedback on my work before I turn it in since I prefer to work alone, this is an exceptions since I for some reason had a growing desire to keep seeking out feedback from those I’d usually feel too nervous to ask.

I guess one thing that came out of this was I am slightly more confident in my abilities, plus I managed to make a project I was nervous about better than how I envisioned it.

One thing comes to mind, the thinker is depressed. Maybe it’s because his bones don’t work with his body like a normal human so it physically hurts him.

Source Image:

Image result for rodin thinker

Rodin’s Thinker. Digital image. Study Blue. N.p., n.d. Web. 30th Mar. 2017. <;.

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