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Insects Interactive – Interactive Media

For this project, we were tasked with creating a temporary museum installation for both Rochester Museum and Science Center, and the Girl Scouts in the New York/Pennslyvania area for one of their merit badges. Our game was focused on Dragonflies. … Continue reading

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Product / Advertisement Project – Advanced Modeling, Texturing, Lighting, & Rendering

For my Juice Advertisement, I had run through a plethora of ideas and concepts before settling on trying to give off a warm vibe. My original idea was to do a cool strawberry theme with bifrost effects thrown it to … Continue reading

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Net Art (In the Darkness, There is Only Ambition) – Interactive Design Final

https://darkartsite.000webhostapp.com/in%20darkness/Ambition.html β€œIn the darkness, there is only ambition.”   Many say that art is an interpretation. Art has also often been described as an organization of color to spread a meaning or story. And in a minimalistic work, color is … Continue reading

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Production 2: News from the Past

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Final Production Project – Top 10 Least Favorite Design Choices in Video Games (Production 1)

(Original) (Shortened Version) Well, time to go out with a bang. I had so much fun in this class that I wanted to end by doing a video game related top 10 list. I always had a weird fascination with … Continue reading

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Lifting (Intermediate 3D Animation)

For my animation, I wanted to have a guy lift a box with his legs. Eventually it would shift into him lifting something that would eventually crush him. For that reason I decided to give the surroundings a steel look … Continue reading

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Render of My 3D Model

This was an interesting piece to work on with many different aspects improving as the design went on. I will save the sentimental speech about how this design is supposed to mean a lot to me because I’m pretty sure … Continue reading

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Self Portrait – Final Project

A self portrait is defined as “a portrait of an artist produced or created by that artist.” I’m too modest to accept the title of “artist,” but that’s because I have quite a lot of obstacles to get through before … Continue reading

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